Everyone knows moving is a great deal of work. There's the packing, the unpacking, the organizing, the truck rental and everybody's least favorite, the heavy lifting. But there are also little chores that accompany moving that people don't necessarily think of right away. Perhaps none of these are as important as changing your address.

Nearly everybody remembers to put in a change of address with the post office, but if you stop there you're likely to find yourself with bills in collection, packages sitting in front of the wrong door, and expired tabs on your car.

The list of people and places who need to be notified of your change of address when you move is as varied as it is long. It's easy to miss something. Your friends at Oola won't let that happen! We love giving our friend moving tips! We've compiled this change of address guide to accompany your moving checklist and make sure no item gets left behind.

Change Of Address Checklist

1. Your Bank

The words bank on a chalk board and several hands giving the thumbs up sign.

Don't wait to update your address with your bank, even if you do most everything online. Your debit card is linked to your address. That means there are many places it will be denied if you enter in the wrong zip code. Keeping the right address will make sure all of your purchases and payments go through as planned.

It will also make sure you're able to receive important mailings, such as tax information at the beginning of the year.

2. Credit Card Companies

Just like your bank, your credit cards are probably linked to your address, which means if you enter in the wrong zip code, your payment might not be authorized. What's more, if you're making a particularly expensive purchase many companies refuse to ship anywhere other than the address you have on file.

3. The Post Office

A mail truck.

Changing your address with the post office can be a real lifesaver because if you forget to change your address with a place or two, your mail should automatically forward until you do so. "Should" is the operative word here. Mail forwards are not perfect, and it's quite possible a piece or two will slip through. Therefore, it's important not to rely on mail forwarding alone, it's a great tool, but best used as a backup.

You can change your mailing address with the post office online for a one dollar charge, or do it for free by walking into your nearest post office branch.

4. Current And Past Employers

Even if you have direct deposit for your paychecks, it's important to make sure your current employer, and any past employers you've received funds from in the last year, have your current address since they'll be likely to send your tax information in the mail.

5. DMV

An orange car.

Make sure you update both your driver's license and if you own a vehicle, your registration with your state's department of licensing. This will ensure you receive notice if you're summoned for jury duty, receive notification when your tabs need to be renewed, and make sure you get tickets and toll bills in the mail. There are stiff legal penalties if such obligations aren't attended to so this should be among the first addresses you change.

6. Your Child's School

If your child is transferring schools you'll need to transfer their academic records to the new institution. You'll also need to make sure your old school has your new mailing address so they can send you any upcoming report cards, test results, yearbooks or class photos.

7. Amazon Or Online Store Accounts

You may be a generous person, but that doesn't mean you want to send that gorgeous blanket you just bought to someone else's house. Change your address with any online retailers you have accounts with right away and be sure to change both your billing and shipping addresses.

8. Magazine Subscriptions And Newspapers

A cup of coffee, flowers, and a magazine.

If you love reading the Sunday paper with your morning coffee you're going want to enjoy that experience in your new house. Likewise with your magazine subscriptions. Be sure to change your address in advance so you don't end up inadvertently end up gifting the occupants of your new house with your favorite experience.

9. Insurance Companies

The average household has multiple insurance carriers. Vehicle insurance, health insurance, and homeowners/renters insurance. Many people also have supplemental insurance policies, dental insurance, even pet insurance as well. Contact each one of your insurance carriers and provide them with your new address so you'll receive your billing statements and new ID cards in the mail.

10. Friends And Family

Letter writing may be by and large a lost art, but that doesn't mean your friends and family don't need your new mailing address. Grandma might want to send you a check for your birthday and your best friend might want to surprise you with flowers. And then of course, there are the holiday cards. You definitely don't want to miss out on those.

11. The IRS

A hand writes the word Tax.

Speaking of family, Uncle Sam needs your address, too. The IRS is not an organization you want to force to track you down. Luckily, they make it quick and easy with this handy online form.

12. Social Security Or Medicare

If you're receiving social security benefits, you're going to want to make sure the administration has your new address to ensure there isn't any sort of interruption in your benefits. They, too, make it easy to inform them of an address change online. If you are receiving Medicare, this form will change your address with that organization as well.

13. Loan Providers

A man hands someone his credit card.

Most of us owe money to someone. Whether it be for a mortgage, student loan, vehicle loan, or credit card bill. And as much as we might want to see those bills in the mail, there are consequences to not paying them. Make sure each and every company you owe money to has your new address so nothing goes awry with your credit.

14. Pension/Investments

If you're fortunate to have a pension plan or investments you are not going to miss those checks, notices or tax statements. Be sure to contact each and every company you have such a relationship with and provide them with your new address.

15. Gas, Electricity, And Water/Sewer

An electricity meter.

It's important to call your utility providers before you move into your new house to make sure the lights, heat, and water will be in effect when you move in. You'll also want to make sure you disconnect the utilities at your previous address so you aren't footing the bill for the new occupants.

16. Cable/Internet

If you want to fire up your computer or watch your favorite television program you'll need to transfer your address with your cable and internet provider. As with your other utilities you'll want to do this in advance to make sure there isn't an interruption in your service and establish a cut off date for your previous residence as well.

We hope this change of address guide will help you feel more relaxed, confident, and in control of your upcoming moving day. And most of all, we hope you love your new home.

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