Rainey Richardson is the owner of Rainey Richardson Interiors, located in Houston, TX. Rainey Richardson began interior designing in 2001 and has been passionate about interior design and about creating spaces for her clients that are both functional and beautiful.

Oola: What drew you to the field of Interior Design?

Rainey: My passion for Interior Design began in finding joy in decorating my own home. It grew from there when I realized how much your personal spaces impact your daily life and how very important designing those spaces can be to your mental health, physical health, and well-being.

Oola: How did you get your start?

Rainey: When my friends and family would visit my home they would always comment about how much they liked the thought and design that was put into it. When they found out that I had designed these spaces myself they asked me to help them with theirs as well. What started out as a few shopping trips with my friends and family turned into my own business.

What started out as a few shopping trips with my friends and family turned into my own business.

Oola: What's a common misconception people have about hiring an Interior Designer?

Rainey: I think people should realize that hiring an Interior Designer is a luxury. I always say that what I do is not bread & water. But that doesn't mean that the process is stuffy and pretentious, another misconception I think people have about hiring a designer. I'm a real life designer that understands the day to day needs of our clients and consider myself very down to earth.

Oola: For our readers that may be considering hiring an Interior Designer, what should they be certain to ask before making a decision?

Rainey: Any Interior Designer should offer a complimentary initial consultation to get to know their potential clients, where the clients should feel free to ask and have answered any questions they have. The relationship between Interior Designer and client is a very personal one and the client should feel comfortable allowing the designer into their homes, finances, family relationships within their homes, etc. The Interior Designer should also be able to show a portfolio of their work along with client references if needed.

Oola: Have you had any mentors or role models that have influenced you? Describe the impact.

Rainey: Early on in my career I started with designing window treatments. I was fortunate to meet a local, successful interior designer who allowed me into her studio space and it was then that I realized with hard work and determination that I could also start my own Interior Design business. She was so gracious to allow me to watch her work and see the process of what it takes to run your own Interior Design business. This influenced me so much that I created "Project Design Week" this summer, where I offer juniors & seniors in high school a chance to learn the basics of Interior Design and have a mentor in the Interior Design industry.

Oola: What advice do you have for others that may want to get into the field of Interior Design? What do you wish someone told you?

Rainey: It's not as glamorous as it looks on HGTV! It's a career that requires you to wear many different hats at different times. Some days you are a therapist, a friend, a mind-reader, etc. I think that if you don't feel incredibly honored that someone has chosen you to be invited into their home, then Interior Design is not for you. I feel honored that my clients entrust me with their personal lives and personal spaces. I wish that someone had told me how important creating a portfolio with great photos was in the beginning. I learned later that in order to gain clients a portfolio of your work is key. A good designer must stay current with their project photos and keep changing and updating their work as it evolves over the years.

It's not as glamorous as it looks on HGTV! It's a career that requires you to wear many different hats at different times. Some days you are a therapist, a friend, a mind-reader, etc.

Oola: Any new design trends you're starting to get requests for?

Rainey: The two design trends I see right now are deleting formal dining rooms and creative wall treatments. Families are living much more casually so formal dining rooms are no longer as necessary. These spaces are being transformed into areas that the family use more than once or twice a year and in some new builds, being completely removed from the floor plans. Clients are also interested in unique treatments for focal walls. Whether it be applying reclaimed wood, wallpaper, or even tile, we are going vertical with our designs and really creating those unexpected wall treatments with more than just paint.

Oola: What advice do you have to give to our readers for living life to their tastes using interior design?

Rainey: Your home is place to stand out and be unique from everyone else. The typical furniture stores that are set up with vignettes are becoming a thing of the past. People are getting more daring with their own personal designs and learning that there's no right or wrong in your home if you love it. The most unique homes are those that tell a story about their owners when you walk in the door. One of the best pieces of advice I can give to homeowners is to personalize your spaces. One great way to do that is when you vacation, to bring home souvenirs of artwork or accessories that you can display in your home. These make great memories and conversation pieces for your visitors.

To Learn More About Rainey Richardson:

Company: Rainey Richardson Interiors specializes in high end properties, coastal homes, ranch properties, and custom furniture. Her company is the winner of various prestigious awards, including the Victoria Builder's Association Parade of Homes Winner 2015 for Best Interior Decor and Best Furnishings, as well as the Victoria Builder's Association Parade of Homes Winner 2017 for Best Interior Design and Best Kitchen. For those in the Houston, TX area, Rainey and her team can help you with all your Interior Design needs!

Website: https://www.raineyrichardson.com/

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