It is hard to believe, but it is already that time of year again -- the time where you start drinking pumpkin spice lattes, take walks in the crisp cool air, watch football, and bust out the red, yellow, and orange decor for your home. Yes, it is officially autumn.

There are a lot of different decorating options out there that can help you easily bring fall into your home, making it cozy and warm and ready for the holidays. So, to get you thinking about your home's fall decor --- both inside and out --- here are a few ideas to help inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas


outdoor lighting for fall

Lights are not just for Christmas anymore. There a variety of different string lights available on Amazon to add to your fall decor, and you can use them on wreaths, railings, or around door frames and windows. Whatever you want to light up, try strings of acorns, pumpkins, or leaves to add some sparkle to your outdoor (or indoor) fall decor.

Another great lighting option if you have a front porch, like blogger Diana at Vintage Home Love, is to add hanging lanterns as a beautiful detail.

Garlands and Swag

There are so many varieties of garlands and swag for fall decorations, you will have no problem finding something that fits your design and color palette. If you add a garland made of pine cones, berries, pumpkins, leaves, or flowers, they will help you bring out the colors of the season around your front door or windows.

Front Door Decorations and Mats

basket of apples on the front door

Wreaths are a fall decorating staple, and you can go classic with fall foliage, apples, or gourds. Or, maybe change things up by adding something unexpected to your front door like they did at Savvy Southern Style, with a basket of apples.

There are also plenty of options when it comes to fall doormats, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Add a mat shaped like a pumpkin or with fall harvest colors to add to your outdoor fall decor.

Pumpkins and Gourds

When it comes to decorating for fall, it's not a question of whether or not you will use pumpkins and gourds. The question is how do you use them. When it comes to outdoor fall decorating, you can keep it simple by lining your steps with pumpkins or top off planters.

Or skip the carving process like they did at Fynes Designs, and instead just wrap some pumpkins with bows.

A fun DIY project is to paint pumpkins and use them to display your house number. Check out this idea from At The Picket Fence. Not only do they use pumpkins in a creative way, but they also changed up their front door decor by using a burlap sack and fall foliage.

Baskets and Crates

hand painted fall crate

Fill up baskets or crates with fall foliage and small gourds and place them on your front porch to add some flair, like this idea from Anderson and Grant.


An easy DIY Fall decor project is to use chalkboards to welcome your guests throughout the season. It is a simple, yet versatile piece that you can easily change up for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed wood for fall decorations is an inexpensive way to make your home stand out. Some of these DIY projects include using old wood palettes to make pumpkins like they did at Finding Home Farms. Or, like Liz Fourez at Love Grows Wild, you can create signage with some old wood and a little bit of paint.

Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard

fall wagon display

Bring the pumpkin patch or apple orchard to your front porch by using them as design inspiration. Newly Woodwards created an amazing display with a wagon, gourds, and some antique finds. Bring in some hay bales, wood pieces, apples, and gourds for this fun and playful design idea.


Another idea from Our Vintage Home Love, ladders are a great way to decorate your front porch. You can use the flatter side to decorate with burlap and stencils. Or, you can use the entire ladder and decorate the steps with everything from flowers to gourds.

Corn Husks

Add some fall curb appeal to your home with corn husks. Creative Craft Love offers inventive ideas to makes wreaths, garland, flowers, and even brooms.

Change Color

metallic themed fall front porch

If you want to do something different than the traditional gold, orange, or reds of the fall season, there is no law saying you can't change up your colors for your autumn decorations. Blogger Taryn Whitaker chose a neutral color scheme that looks incredible with simple white and metallic gold.

Beth at Home Stories A to Z really changed up her fall decor by using a light blue and white color palette. Feel free to keep your inside and outside colors completely different, if you want a different look and feel for each space. Or, keep things cohesive and keep your colors the same both indoors and outdoors. The options are endless!

Indoor Fall Decorating Ideas

Dining Table

fall dining table

Fall centerpieces for your table are a must when you have any kind of gathering or holiday party. At Country Living, they have 40 different DIY ideas for your fall table decorations that use everything from pine cones to painted pumpkins.

Try adding tea lights to apples, using pumpkins as a vase, or even a log to your table to get that perfect fall feel indoors.

You can also keep things simple and elegant by arranging different-sized gourds at the center of your table. You don't always have to go overboard with centerpieces, especially if you have a lot going on your walls, or in other areas of the room.

Country Living suggests making your dining table cozier by adding cushions to the chairs or bringing in a cushioned bench for extra seating. Then add a few blankets and pillows to make gatherings around the table as comfortable as possible.

Fireplace Mantle

Fall mantle ideas

Many of us have rooms with a fireplace as the focal point, so using the mantle for your fall decorations is a must. You can add wreaths, candles, artwork, or even a piece of a picket fence to create the perfect decor for the season.

Mason Jars

Decorating with mason jars during the fall season is another classic idea, but you can change things up a bit and use them in different ways. Instead of just filling them with flowers, lights, or candles, Debbie Doo's suggest wrapping them in burlap and using a stencil to add a rustic feel.

You can also use the rings of the lids to make your own pumpkin table decorations like they did at Yellow Bliss Road.

Blankets and Pillows

fall pillows

Nothing makes fall cozier than blankets and pillows and adding some to your couch and bedroom can make your home extra cozy as the weather turns cool. You can never go wrong with a plaid design, and fleece or wool blankets will be sure to keep you warm.

As for pillows, the possibilities are endless. Try adding some with pumpkin or apple graphics, fall foliage, or quotes.


Creating fall-themed art for your indoor decor can be another fun DIY project. You can use items like buttons, burlap, stencils, and picture frames. Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me made some candy corn art with buttons and burlap.

Another DIY idea for fall art is to use frames and letters for a simple design, like this decor from Fun Home Things.

At House of Hawthornes, they got extremely creative with silverware, mason jar lids, bottle caps, and some wood to make a DIY wood slice owl. Let your imagination run wild, and don't be afraid to repurpose old items into interesting artwork for fall decorations.


fall candles

Not only do candles bring a wonderful ambiance to your home for the fall season, but they can also bring the perfect smells. Of course, you can find some amazing scents and styles at the store, and you can make your own candle holders with things like mason jars, fruit, or birch bark. This idea comes from Just A Smidgen, and it adds some serious rustic charm.


A classic way to decorate for fall is to represent the harvest by using wheat sheaves. You can use them as table centerpieces inside of clothes, or place some in an antique pitcher like Janet from Shabby Fufu.

Wheat is a fun detail for tables settings at a dinner party, and you can also do things like make wreaths or use it in a grouping of items like gourds and candles.

Now is the time to start thinking about decorating for fall. Before the leaves start to change, you can give your home a full makeover inside and out without spending a ton of money. With so many different ideas and DIY projects, preparing your home for Halloween and Thanksgiving is more affordable than ever. And hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to decorate your home in a way that perfectly represents your fall style.

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