One of the greatest ways to relax at home is to lay in a hammock in your backyard. Whether you are sleeping, reading, or doing absolutely nothing, relaxing in a hammock is the perfect at-home oasis. Hammocks might seem like a summertime treat, but they are also a great way to enjoy the crisp fall air and an outdoor fire pit.

Instead, opt for a mini-vacation at home by upgrading your outdoor space with a DIY hammock. You can make one in an afternoon without spending a fortune, and it will take your relaxation game to another level.

1. Lazy Hammock

camille styles lazy hammock

Claire Zinnecker from Camille Styles has an original idea for an easy DIY hammock that you can suspend between trees in your backyard, and you can also add some personal style to the design. Zinnecker adds pictures of the process, giving you a visual on what every step looks like. And, the end result is a romantic and ethereal hammock that you will love relaxing in.

2. Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock

Design Milk hammock

Making this hammock might just be as relaxing as lounging in it. Weaving is a great way to relax because of the repetition and handiwork. You might not think you have enough room to make a six-foot hammock in your living room, but with this technique from Design Milk, you can definitely make it work.

To make this hammock, you will need hammock rope, sailing rope, a dowel or bar, scissors, tape, and wall hooks.

3. Porch Hammock

Little Dog Vintage hammock

Claire at Little Dog Vintage shared her idea for a porch hammock made from heavy canvas fabric, hardwood beams, grommets, and O-rings. And, she screwed two heavy duty hooks into beams on her deck to hang the hammock.

This idea has a bit of sewing and weaving, and the result is a comfortable yet sturdy hammock that can accommodate anyone in the family.

4. The Bed Sheet No-Sew Hammock

Practical Primitive hammock

If you are like me and don't have the best sewing or weaving skills, this could be the option for you. From Practical Primitive, you can make this hammock with a bed sheet, tarp, or poncho. Obviously, the heavier the material that you use, the better. Even though this doesn't require any sewing, you will need to brush up on your knot-making skills.

5. Hammock Chair

A Beautiful Mess hammock chair

Hammocks don't always have to be outdoors. This idea from A Beautiful Mess is a DIY project for a kid's room because sometimes your little ones need a place to relax, too. You will need some sewing skills, plus some canvas, polypropylene, an oak dowel, a spring snap link, a quick link, and fabric paint.

6. Backyard Hammock For Him

Miss Lovie hammock

Allie, the creator of the Miss Lovie blog, has an easy DIY hammock for the backyard that she made for the man in her life. With some canvas, webbing, thread, and carabiners, you can make a hammock that is both strong and soft, and it includes tree straps, so you can attach it to the trees in your yard.

You can also add some decorative pillows for extra comfort, and a side table for your drink and reading material.

7. Fringe Hammock

The Merry Thought hammock

From the ladies at The Merry Thought, this hammock is lightweight and portable. It only takes just a few hours to make, and you will need a canvas drop cloth, grommet kit, fringe trim, rope, and metal hoops or carabiners.

8. Ripstop Nylon Hammock

Instructables nylon hammock

This hammock idea from Instructables uses ripstop nylon, which is a fabric used in jackets, sails, kites, and parachutes. This hammock also comes with its own travel bag and uses paracord to attach it to everything from trees to deck beams. Or you can use it on a traditional hammock stand.

9. Beach Towel Hammock

Design Sponge beach towel hammock
Design Sponge

This simple hammock from Design Sponge uses an oversized beach towel, canvas strapping, cotton muslin or canvas, rope, zip-ties, and cotton twine. You can string up this hammock between trees, and it is a great reflection of your personal style since you can choose any large beach towel you like.

10. Sunbrella Hammock

Sailrite Sunbrella hammock

This hammock from Sailrite is more of an advanced project than most on this list, but the end result is unique and extremely comfortable. Some of the materials you will need for the harness include a Dacron Leechline Rope, D-Rings, Spreader Bars, Polyester 3-strand rope, a wood pallet, wood screws, a saw, and a drill press. As for the hammock itself, you will need Sunbrella fabric, polyester thread, grommets, and basting tape.

This hammock is perfect for a hammock stand, or you can put it in between two trees.

11. Pallet Swing Bed

pallet swing bed

OK, technically this isn't a hammock, but it is so cool we had to include it on our list. This pallet swing bed is another idea from The Merry Thought, and it repurposes old wooden pallets. All it takes is some rope, lumber, a twin mattress, and a drill and screws to create the perfect combination of a swing and a bed.

12. Linen Hammock

Linen hammock

With just a piece of cotton fabric and some rope, you can make this simple hammock in no time. Outside Mom shows you two different ways to make this hammock -- either with or without a sewing machine. You can customize the look and the size depending on the style of the fabric you buy, and how much. However, you want to make sure to get a piece of fabric that is at least 7-feet long and 3-and-a-half-feet wide.

13. Macrame Chair

Macrame Chair

If you are like me, and live in an apartment without any outdoor hammock space, this is an awesome alternative that you can hang indoors. This boho-chic hanging macrame chair from Classy Clutter can add a comfortable corner to your home, while giving it some classic 1970's style.

This project takes some macrame skills, but you can finish it in a weekend. And the result is a creative piece of furniture that you can get super comfy in.

No matter how big or small your backyard is (or if you don't have one at all), you can find a DIY hammock on this list that will suit your space and preferences. Each of these hammocks takes a different amount of time and materials, but they all end up as a perfect relaxation spot.

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