It sure would be nice if we could hire a cleaning service before a big holiday or once a week to keep things nice and tidy. It would also be nice to have money grow on trees so we could pay for that kind of thing. Well, hiring a cleaning service is actually quite affordable and you having a helping hand around the house is just the thing you need to lighten your load and ease the stress of your hectic life.

How Much Do Cleaning Services Charge?

a maid leaving towels on a bed

It's not uncommon for people to think that cleaning services will cost you an arm and a leg, but a lot of factors go into the price of your service. For starters, much of the price is dependent on the size of your home. Some spaces will require more time and that's when the bill tends to go up. However, you can usually call local cleaning services and ask them for a free quote. Depending on the service you go with, they'll charge you by the square footage of your house or by the hour.

More often than not, you're looking at about $100.00 - $200.00 per clean, though prices will obviously change based on who you're going with.

Can I Afford Cleaning Services?

A big question on everyone's mind is whether or not they can squeeze this into their budget. Keep in mind that you don't need to have someone come by every day or even weekly. If you need some help once a month or before a big event, that will help you save a ton of money.

It's also worth shopping around to see which business works best for you and your needs. If you know you're looking into a cleaning service, you can start putting some money aside to pay for it as well. This way, the price won't sneak up on you. Make sure to get free quotes as well so you know what to expect.

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When Should I Get Cleaning Services?

That really depends on you. If you're someone who entertains quite a bit, then you can look into calling your local service before a big party. Getting the house in tip-top shape before people come over is something we all like to do, but when you're preparing dinner or other duties before a party, a little help goes a long way. Remember those holiday dinners and get-togethers will also yield a lot of mess, which is another time you can look into getting a helping hand. Who doesn't want some help cleaning all those solo cups?

Factors like lifestyle, the number of people in your home, and if you're living with kids will also determine how often you need a cleaning service. If you notice that your home gets pretty dirty once a week, then look into getting some help at least once a week. If you clean things on your own throughout the week but still need some help towards the end of the month, order a cleaning service for a deep clean.

Do I Really Need A Cleaning Service?

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Once again, that really depends on your personal tastes and your lifestyle. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You wish you had more time to spend with your family, but you're too busy working and then cleaning up at home
  • It would seriously help you to get a bit of help at home, especially when you're dealing with everything else
  • After a long work week, the last thing you want to do is come home and clean the house
  • It drains you just thinking about all the cleaning you're going to have to do right before or after a get-together or large dinner
  • You don't really know how to clean things properly; try as you may, those stains just aren't coming out and you're at the end of your rope

If these situations ring true in your life, then it might behoove you to look into a cleaning service. Hiring some help doesn't make you lazy, either. Everyone needs some help throughout their life and, in fact, research has shown that spending money on time-savers makes you happier.

It's also worth noting that getting a cleaning service, even if it's just once a month, will give you more of the freedom you've been lacking. No one wants to come home after work to more chores and getting a cleaning service will lighten your load, thereby freeing up your schedule and making you happier.

The Bottom Line

a maid cleaning a toilet

Based on your budget and how much time you spend cleaning, a cleaning service is the way to go. It can save you tons of time, give you more time to spend with your family, and will significantly relieve your stress. So long as you shop around and see which services offer what and for how much, you'll be able to get some help every once in a while when you really need it.

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