Does your kitchen look like it could use a makeover? Maybe you don't want to remodel the entire room, but a new backsplash might be a place to start. Adding a backsplash is cost- and time-efficient as well as a great opportunity for you to show off your personal tastes. Our exhaustive list of backsplash ideas will help you choose a look that suits you and your space.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Brick

a kitchen backsplash made of brick

A brick backsplash is a beautiful addition that will give your space a more rustic feel. You don't need to add classic bricks if you don't like the look or feel. You can add different colored or textured bricks to match your kitchen's aesthetic.

2. Wood

a wooden kitchen backsplash

One traditional kitchen backsplash material is wood. The great thing about wood is that you can fiddle around with the texture to get it just the way you like it. Do you want something a little more vintage and worn to match your kitchen? How about something polished, waxed, and modern? With wood, the possibilities are endless.

3. Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper is an inexpensive way to completely change the look of your kitchen. Head to your local hardware or department store to look for papers that will either complement your kitchen's colors or dramatically stand out.

4. Tile

a tile backsplash in a kitchen

Keep things uncomplicated by remodeling with tile. Select colors that match your space to give the entire room a fresh, modern look.

5. Marble

a kitchen backsplash of marble

Unlike the more modern materials, marble can make your kitchen more traditional-looking. There are many different patterns and textures to choose from. If your favorite kind is out of your budget, you can always use it as an accent instead. Marble will add class and elegance to any space.

6. Mirrors

We've all heard that adding a mirror to a small space can make the space seem larger. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, why not enlarge the space with a backsplash of mirrors? Mirrors are also good to have in the kitchen if you don't have good lighting, since they will make the space brighter.

7. Windows

a window backsplash in a kitchen

It's always great to have more light in the house, especially in the kitchen where you really need it. Why not get new windows to make your kitchen brighter? You can play around with window sizing, too; install a few small windows across the wall or a larger window to take up the majority of the wall.

8. Pegboard

A cool thing you can do with your kitchen is to incorporate some pegboard. Pegboard isn't just for the garage or for hardware stores; adding this practical material to your kitchen will give the space a unique look while also giving you more room to hang utensils and cookware.

9. Steel

Instead of remodeling with the materials everyone goes for, why not try something a little less traditional? Install a steel backsplash for an edgy, contemporary look.

10. Tin Sheets

a backsplash made of tin sheets

Tin may seem like an unusual choice, but that's exactly why it's worth looking into. Tin sheets are making a comeback, especially in kitchens, since they can make your space brighter without breaking the bank. There are various patterns available in stores for you to choose from.

11. Stone

a stone backsplash

With all the different kinds of stone out there, there's no way you won't find a pattern to match your tastes. Limestone, masonry, tumbled stone, or stone slabs will make your kitchen look updated without a bunch of work on your end.

12. Creative Items

Items like coffee beans, bottle corks, or even pennies can make your kitchen stand out in ways it never has before. These are all cheaper options as well -- coffee beans definitely won't set you back as much as new tiles would. These backsplashes are sure to get people talking!

13. Chalkboard

Why not turn your kitchen backsplash into a chalkboard? Give your room the look and feel of your favorite coffee shop. This is a great idea if you have little ones running around, since their art can be a feature of the kitchen. You could also write the day's "specials" on the board or different inspirational quotes. Make it your own!

14. Mosaic

a mosaic backsplash over a stove

Looking for a way to show off your artsy side while also keeping things contemporary? Creating your very own mosaic is a lovely way to combine the art you like best with modern remodeling. Think of your kitchen wall as a blank canvas for all your best ideas, and watch them come to life in your new backsplash.

15. LED

Want something crazy original? Try installing an LED backsplash. Nothing says "awesome kitchen" quite like a moving backsplash!

These kitchen backsplash ideas will liven up an otherwise dull kitchen in no time. Remember to stay within your budget, and if you're eyeing something out of your price range, use it as an accent instead of an entire backsplash.

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