Enjoying photos brings back some of our best memories. We can stash them away in shoeboxes or photo albums, but when we want them somewhere we can enjoy them throughout the day, what's a person to do? Those photo wall ideas you see online look pretty cool, but your walls probably couldn't accommodate something that grand. That's okay! No matter what size your walls are, we have ideas to suit your every need.

Photo Wall Ideas For Small Spaces

A Window's Second Life

a window pane used as a photo frame

When you want to stick some of your best pictures in a frame but don't feel like shelling out the money for dozens of them, you can always repurpose an old window. Kill two birds with one stone by saving your window and giving it a new life.

The Shape Of Your Heart

If you don't want to pay for frames period then you can simply print off your photos and make them into various shapes or characters. Turn your photos into a heart or a smiley face on the wall. The good thing is you can make the shapes the appropriate size for your space.

Does Anyone Have The Time?

A neat photo wall idea is to use a few of your very favorite pictures and make them into a clock. Simply purchase a small wall clock without any numbers on it and stick it in the center of your photo circle.

Vintage Black And White

Regardless of whether or not you're using frames, printing off some photos in black and white gives the entire photo wall a great vintage feel. You can also make the wall stand out even more by placing something colorful beside them like a vase of bright flowers or colored knick-knacks.

Clip The Memories

Did you know that using simple binder clips gives your photo wall a unique tool to show off your memories? You can hang them off of thumb tacks or small nails and even use smaller photos like Polaroids if you're working with a tighter space.

Memory Mosaic

a photo wall with pictures and quotes

Mosaics aren't just for kitchen backsplashes. You can make your very own photo wall mosaic with some highlight snaps mixed with quotes, slices of wallpaper, or wooden lettering. Keep the project as small as it needs to be so it doesn't take up too much space.

Garlands All Year Round

If you have a corkboard or a bed frame you can dress up with garland, why not make your own using pictures you have lying around? It doesn't use a lot of space and it's a great way to frame items in your home.

A New Twist On Hanging

a garland of photos

As opposed to garland, you can switch things up a bit by having your photos dangle. Print smaller versions of your pictures and place them on pieces of string hanging from a thin strip of wood or even a hanger. This option also gives you the chance to hang more photos.

Blast From The Past

Polaroids have certainly made their way back to this generation. You can post some of your old school snaps on the wall to keep things compact. Placing them on blocks or in small frames really brings out the entire photo wall, too.

Put A Cork In It

Have a cork board around that's looking a little bare? Bring it back to life by pinning some pics on it. You don't need to grab more than one board if you're crunched for space, but the boards on their own are usually large enough to hold several photos.

Photo Wall Ideas For Medium Spaces

Smell The Flowers

a photo wall with pictures of flowers

Flowers just have a way of making everything look nicer. Include some framed photos of them on your photo wall to make things look brighter and more elegant.

Picture Plates

Who said plates were just for eating? You can easily add some of your cherished memories onto plates that can be displayed on your walls. Not to mention, your choice of frame will make your photo wall one to remember.

Mini Photos, Large Frame

small pictures in a large frame

No one said you need to put properly sized pictures in a frame. Get yourself one or two larger frames and place dozens of smaller prints inside to save space.

Surround Letters

Placing letters to spell "Home" or "Family" on the wall already creates an inviting atmosphere. Surround those words with photos and the space becomes all the more welcoming.

Canvas Pieces

a large canvas of a deer

Much like creating a series of photos, you can also use trickling canvas pieces to highlight a larger scene. Breaking things down into pieces makes your photo wall look much more modern and interesting.

Frame Your Friends

tape frames around pictures

You don't need to head out and buy dozens of frames to make a photo wall look good. All you'll really need is some tape to create your own frames that won't take too long, but will still show off your creativity.

Hang 'Em Up

We're not talking about your traditional frames. Grab a few hanging frames for an unorthodox way to fill your photo wall without publishing too many photos.

Displays Of Art

Make a photo wall of your favorite art pieces or cool designs you've appreciated over the years. You can use different shapes and sizes of frames to make things stand out even more.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the best photo walls are the ones that don't try too hard to be grand. By using only a few of the very best on hand, you can make a photo wall that highlights great pictures without taking up the entire room.

Watercolor Wonder

Watercolor pieces tend to capture things in ways other art forms can't match. A few pieces make a terrific photo wall at the end of the day. You'll be able to return to timeless works of art that match the aesthetic of your home.

Photo Wall Ideas For Large Spaces

Within The Lines

photos in a hallway

If your place has a staircase then you can always line that hallway with photos of your friends, family, or memories you enjoy reliving. It'll give you and guests something to peer at every time they go upstairs.

Mess Of Photos

You can neatly arrange your photos on a cork board, but if you have more space at your disposal, you can use a bigger canvas. A larger board or slab of wall can act as the perfect frame for overlapping photos. The overall look of organized chaos is exactly how it should be.

Overlapped Snaps

overlapping photos on a wall

Whether they're photos of loved ones or just pictures you thought looked cool, sometimes we can't decide on our favorites. Well, there's no need to when you overlap things on your photo wall. Smaller prints can fill the spaces between larger prints.

Tell A Story

a series of photos on the wall

If you have a series of photos you've taken, arrange them on the wall to tell a story. They can be photos from your hometown, pictures from a vacation, or a timeline or photographs showing how your family has grown over the years.

Size Matters

When space isn't an issue in the home, you can play around with different sizes and make a collage for your photo wall. Having larger pictures mixed in with the bite-sized guys gives the entire wall a unique look that people will love.

Your Travel Dreams

Even if you haven't gone on that trip you said you would, there's no reason you can't appreciate those places in art form. Start a photo wall with pictures from wherever you've wanted to travel. It's even better if you have gone because you can include your own keepsakes.

Take Up The Wall

Hey, it's your house. Why not take up an entire wall with photos? Even if you don't want to frame them, you can print them on canvases and use the walls of your home as a fresh slate for your best photos.

The Perfect One

Not everyone wants their photo wall clogged with years' worth of memories. Sometimes all it takes is that one picture to change your life or perfectly capture a memory. Display it loud and proud and allow your photo wall to show off the one photo that really matters.

Use Your Words

photos of quotes

Just like how a photo of a person or landscape can captivate an audience, framing moving words can hold just as big an impact. A photo wall filled with inspirational and powerful quotes or poems can get those creative juices flowing.

Special Bulletin

What better way to give that dreary wall some life than to create a giant bulletin board of photos? It doesn't need to use the entire wall for space, but it can stretch the length of a sofa or coffee table to frame the room and act as a centerpiece.

These photo wall ideas are sure to spark your inspiration. Mix and match ideas to make things your own or build off of these ideas to suit your personal tastes!

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