If you've never owned a humidifier, the product might not seem like it contributes too much to the household. In fact, those little machines clear the air - literally - by forcing moisture into the dry and stuffy O2. It's not as easy as just going out and buying one for yourself, though; there are many models to choose from and the best humidifiers don't come cheap. But there is one unassuming household item you can use as a humidifier instead...

Your handy dandy slow cooker serves as a makeshift humidifier in a pinch! Following a few simple steps can turn your ordinary meal cooker into another useful household item.

Fill It With Water

a slow cooker on the counter next to veggies

The first thing you need to do is fill your slow cooker about three-quarters of the way with water. Then, place the lid back on and turn the setting to high.

Remove The Lid

Let the water boil in your slow cooker for an hour or so. After the allotted time has passed, remove the lid, turn the setting to low, and let the moisture waft through the room.

Replenish Water Throughout

As you can imagine, the water will eventually deplete, requiring you to refill it as time goes on. You shouldn't dump cold tap water into the slow cooker, though. You'll need hot enough water to work its magic so you should close the lid and reheat added water before removing the lid once more.

Things To Look Out For

a slow cooker on a wooden table against a blue background

While this is a great method to use on the fly, there are a few cautionary tips you ought to know.

For starters, using distilled water will reduce mineral buildup in your slow cooker.

Secondly, your slow cooker might not heat the water enough to bring it to a boil. Some models out there reach significantly high temperatures, whereas others will merely bring the water to a simmer over a boil. Remember, they're called slow cookers for a reason! Overall, this technique works in a pinch, but it won't ever substitute a real humidifier.

Final Notes

If you find yourself with dry eyes or dealing with congestion, you may be dealing with overly dry air in the home. Humidifiers can work wonders in protecting you and loved ones from the nasty symptoms of dry air, but you may not want to commit to purchasing one. The slow cooker method can work when you're in a bind, but it's not a suitable enough replacement in the long-term. If you're still dealing with dry air after a few days with this method, you should look into purchasing an actual humidifier.

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