Everyone loves a clean kitchen. You may try to keep your counters free of clutter and grime, but things inevitably pile up over the course of the week. Before you need a shovel to dig yourself out of the mess, try implementing these strategies to help you declutter.

1. Use Jars And Containers

jars of spices on a counter

If you've got items like spices, utensils, or coffee grounds hanging around the kitchen, you can still display them. But instead of placing them on your counters in a messy heap, stick these items in containers or jars.

2. Look Into Vertical Storage

random kitchen items on a shelf

Hanging fruit baskets or storage units will helps keep your counters clutter-free. Not only is vertical storage stylish, but it's also practical. You can use vertical storage in lots of different ways. You can place vertical storage in your shelves, install floating shelves, or purchase wall-mounted trash bins.

3. Place Things In Cabinets

shot of a kitchen with shelves over the stove

Having your spices or coffee grounds on your countertops is definitely convenient, but those items can quickly clutter up your space. Try storing your kitchen essentials in your shelves instead. Tuck your spices, jars, and mugs in your cupboards for a neater space.

4. Consider An Island With Storage

kitchen island with storage in the island

If you're in the middle of remodeling your kitchen, consider adding an island with built-in shelves. The shelves will allow you to store more things in the kitchen without placing them on the counters. If a stationary island isn't in your budget (or just isn't your style), there are plenty of moveable island options out there.

5. Have A Jar For Miscellaneous Items

a jar with spare change in it

Another beautiful thing jars and containers can do for you is help store your miscellaneous items. Keys, rubber bands, loose change, and other small, random items can be placed inside a junk jar. It's the perfect solution for you if you have a hard time keeping your spare items off the counters. Just don't fill the jar with so many items that you need a second container... or a third.

6. Find A New Home For Your Appliances

microwave above the oven on a shelf

If your microwave and coffee machine are currently on your counter taking up lots of space, think about moving them to a different place in your kitchen. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, you can stick your appliances under the counter, into a cabinet, or over your oven.

7. Put Dirty Dishes In The Sink

dishes in the sink

After a delicious meal, it's hard not to leave dishes on the counter. The next time you have dirty dishes, place them in the sink right away. Even if you come back to them later, at least they'll be out of the way. Besides, think of the germs dirty dishes could leave on your countertops!

8. Pick Another Spot For The Mail

letters on a table

As soon as you're done opening your mail, you probably toss it onto the counter until you know what to do with it. Well, there's no time like the present to figure out what to do with it. Pick an end table near the door or put it in a file cabinet.

9. Give Your Spices A Boost

spices on hanging wooden rack

Every home chef knows the importance of herbs and spices, but these items can easily clutter your counter. Give your spices a new home in a hanging rack that you can stick on the wall. This keeps your products in full view while keeping your counters clutter-free.

10. Avoid Purchasing Too Many Knick-Knacks

cluttered kitchen

That little cactus would be cute on the window sill. Maybe a decorative bowl for fruit? Oh, that new set of cooking utensils is a must-have! That way lies kitchen clutter. Before you make an impulse purchase, take the time to think about whether your space will truly benefit from the item. It's okay not to have every pretty item in the catalog.

11. Use Innovative Items

kitchen utensils laid out

There are some seriously awesome items out there designed to help you with clutter in the kitchen. One of the best items is this cutting board, which you can use over your sink and comes complete with a strainer as well. It's easy to tuck away in storage.

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