For years my mother would perfectly fold my fitted sheets and I dismissed her expertise as nothing more than one of those "mom skills." When it came time for me to do adult chores - namely folding fitted sheets - I just sort of crumpled it until I needed it again. I was embarrassed until I realized basically everyone out there shares the same struggle. Well, the pain of folding is finally over. Read on to learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet!

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Step One: Grab Hold Of Your Sheet

a made up bed with picture above it

With the elastic side facing you, grab two opposite ends of the sheet in each hand. Tuck your hands into the folded pockets of the sheet.

Step Two: Fold Sheet In Half

Bring your right hand to your left and drape the corner over your left hand. Your left hand should now be encased in the original pocket and an additional pocket from the opposite side (this is called tucking the corners). At this point, your sheet should be folded in half.

Step Three: Fold The Sheet Once More

Transfer the folded corners to your right hand and pick up the other side of the sheet with your left hand. At this point, you'll have flipped your sheet 90 degrees. Tuck your hands into the corners once more and bring your right hand to your left. Enclose your left hand with its respective tucked corner and the corner from your right hand.

Step Four: Lay The Sheet On The Bed

fitted sheets folded on a flat surface

At this point, the right side of your sheet should be flat whereas the left side should still show two rounded corners (the left side should resemble the letter "C"). Lay your sheet on the bed so you can neatly fold it and tuck it away.

Step Five: Fold The Sheet

Starting from the left side, fold the sheet lengthwise two times. The elastic should no longer be showing and you should have a long rectangle. Fold the rectangle into thirds.

Tips To Keep Your Sheets In Place

It's common to move about when you're sleeping, which can sometimes cause your fitted sheets to pop off the corners of your bed. Prevent your sheets from slipping off the bed with these simple methods:

fitted sheet coming off mattress
  • Purchase suspender clips; if you find your sheets just won't stay in place, there are tools available to help. Suspender clips can be fastened to keep those sheets from being a pest.
  • Invest in better sheets; sometimes your fitted sheets cause headaches no matter what measure you take. Splurging for better sheets may be the answer.
  • Take note of the elastics; if you see the elastics on your fitted sheets look worse for wear, it might be time to toss them away.
  • Use safety pins; you can fasten your fitted sheet right to your mattress using safety pins. The only issue with this one is that if you toss a lot during the night, your sheets may tear.
  • Switch to flat sheets; up until now you may have skipped out on the flat sheet, but many people prefer using them to fitted sheets. If you're at the end of your rope with fitted sheets, try making the switch and seeing if that better suits your lifestyle.

Those fitted sheets will no longer frustrate you come laundry day. Master the art of folding these pesky linens and your life will get way better! You can also check out the YouTube tutorial below to see things better in person.

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