Father's Day, known in some part of the world as Get Your Dad Another Tie Day, is the annual celebration of fatherhood and the role of father figures in both society and our lives.

When Is Father’s Day?

Every third Sunday in June, we sit around, grill with our dads (they end up doing all the work and don't say otherwise), and bombard them with forgettable gifts (ties, it's always a tie) that will probably end up in the back of their closet before the day is done.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are just a few Father's Day gift that should certainly brighten your dad's day on June 16.

Popular Father's Day Gifts

a woman and child surprise a dad with a gift

You don't have to break the bank just because you want to get something for dear old dad this Father's Day. Save some of your hard earned cash and check out these Father's Day gift ideas.

On The Grill And In The Kitchen

This "Hike Crew Dad BBQ Tools Gift Set" features four different grilling accessories and utensils including tongs, a spatula, a meat thermometer, and carrying case, all for a little more than $20.

If your dad already has a set of grilling tools, or is in the need of a new cookbook to go along with the new set, you could always get him a copy of this hardcover cook book, "Meat: Everything You Need To Know." With a decent price that's barely above the $20 mark, your dad will be cooking up delicious steaks in no time.

So, cooking isn't your dad's favorite way to spend Father's Day? Okay, well he must like beer, right? Check out the "Chillsner," a device that you insert into a beer bottle that keeps the brews cold until the last drop. No more warm beer on a hot summer afternoon. It can be yours for a little more than $15.


Every dad needs a modest set of tools, and we have quite the set for your dad this Father's Day. This 201 piece hand tool set from Durabuilt will give your dad no excuse to not fix random pieces of furniture throughout the house. With everything from allen wrenches to wrenches and everything in between, this 201 piece set will make your dad feel like a man once again. And that's a whole lot of return for $20.

If dad is looking for a miniature tool set for his home office, then we have something that will help out when he finds himself in a tight situation. This "Fix It Kit" is a portable collection of tools that will keep his life a whole lot easier. And for $30, there's no reason not to buy it.

What if your dad already has a set of tools and won't settle for anything less than his trusty hammer and screwdriver? Well, get him this 18-inch rubber bottom tool backpack from Husky that will allow him to take his favorite tools on the go while still being able to use both hands. For under $30, your dad will be the envy of all other tool-toting dads this summer.


Is your dad a big golfer? Yes? Okay. Is your dad tired of people taking his golf balls? Aren't we all... Well, now he can prevent any confusion on the fairways and greens of his favorite golf course with this set of 12 customized golf balls from Wilson. The Wilson Ultra 500 Distance personalized golf ball set will make your dad the envy of the course on his next golf outing. And it will only set you back around $22.

Did you make the mistake of giving away your dad's old bocce ball set when he asked you to clean the shed last summer? Now's your chance to redeem yourself with this 4-player bocce ball set that comes with everything you need for an afternoon of lawn games. For a little more than $30, you'll be earning your dad's trust while keeping your wallet intact at the same time.

Here's something for all of the dad's out there who like to play a friendly game of poker from time to time. This poker set includes 500 chips, two sets of cards, and a nice carrying case so your dad can play a round of Texas Hold 'Em wherever he might go. For $35, your dad can make money off all of his closest friends.


Pretty much everyone has an Echo Dot smart speaker these days, so why shouldn't your dad join in on the fun? Before you know it, your dear ole dad will be interacting with the world hands-free. Plus, this smart speak is a steal at $30.

All of you out there with night owl fathers should look into getting your dad this sweet edge light clock that will allow him to read all night long without waking up your mom. When he's ready to turn out the lights, all he has to do is flip over the lamp to reveal a clock. For $50 your dad won't have any excuse not to finish that book you bought him last Father's Day.

Is your dad's phone and other devices always shutting down from lack of power? Get him this Anker PowerCore 10000 compact charging station. With a relatively low cost of $32, he'll never run out of juice.

Father’s Day Gifts From A Daughter

a man and his daughter celebrate

You might not be your dad's favorite child, but no one will know that when he sports this shirt sporting the line, "My Favorite Daughter Gave Me This Shirt." Want to make it even better? Buy the shirt in your dad's favorite color.

Is your dad an avid fisherman? Check out this custom fishing lure with a custom message directly from your heart.

Does you dad love a good burlap print? Well, he'll probably love it even more when you give him this custom keepsake that he will surely hang with pride in his office or den. Add your name and your siblings, or just your own, and wish you dad a happy Father's Day.

Father’s Day Gifts From A Son

a dad and his son joke with one another

Why not show your dad that you're his favorite son with this Father's Day gift package from Omaha Steaks. With 2 ribeye steaks, 2 filet mignons, 4 burgers, and quite a few sides, your dad will remember you with ever bite of those juicy, flavorful Omaha Steaks.

Is your dad tired of spending an arm and a leg on razors at the pharmacy? Does your dad need to take care of that 5 o'clock shadow? Get him a subscription to Harry's Razors and he'll never be left with stubble or an empty wallet ever again.

And finally, why not get your dad a beer making kit? He likes beer. You like beer. Now you guys can make beer together..

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