Have you ever been in a living room that doesn't have a coffee table? There was just something about that room, right? Like there was something missing? Something that tied the room together. No, it's not the rug, it's the coffee table, or lack thereof.

Coffee tables are often the center point of our living rooms; they serve as a place for us to put our favorite books, magazines, minor home decor details, and most of all, a pace to put our feet when we're sitting on the couch. But oftentimes, coffee tables can be expensive, outrageously expensive.

It doesn't have to be that way, though. Just because you want a nice coffee table doesn't mean you have spend a month's rent on it. Here are 8 of the best coffee tables that won't break your budget.

A coffee table brings a room together, sets the tone, and brings people together. But oftentimes, coffee tables can be expensive. You end up sacrificing style and quality for budget. It doesn't have to be that way, here's a list of the best coffee tables that won't break your budget.

A coffee table in front of a couch

Sauder Coffee Table - $100

The Sauder Cocktail/Coffee Table doesn't sacrifice any of its style even though it's only $100. With a faux Carrara marble finish top with a fine walnut finish frame, this table effortlessly combines the timelessness of marble for a fraction of what you would spend for the real thing.

This table would be ideal for college students who are finally able to leave the confines of their dorm, young professionals looking to add a little flair to their studio apartment, or even a well-established adult who's looking for a great looking piece without spending an arm and a leg.

Sauder Round Coffee Table - $110

If you're looking for a something outside of the box, this round coffee table from Sauder is the perfect table for you. And before you say you don't want a glass-top table, note that this coffee table comes with safety-tempered glass, which is more than strong enough to handle daily wear and tear; just don't go around throwing people on it.

At a little over $100, this light and sleek coffee table offers a lot of versatility in a number of different room configurations. It can be used in a family room, in a cocktail area, and even in the lounging area of a home office. It's modern, it's stylish, and it's not that expensive.

ClosetMaid Coffee Table - $66

People with small living spaces should look no further than this small, rectangular coffee table produced by ClosetMaid. This multi-functional table is available in two different finishes — gray ($66) or natural wood grain ($75) — and is ideal for books, magazines, home decor, or even a television set.

In addition to having ample storage space on the top, this coffee table also features two storage areas on its underside, which would be ideal for storing your belongings without have a lot of clutter on the surface. For the functionality and price, this coffee table should not be passed up.

Simpli Home Rustic Coffee Table - $158

If you liked the idea of the small, rectangular coffee table highlighted just above, then this 48-inch, multi-level rustic coffee table is going impress just as much, if not more. Simpli Home offers this table in three different finishes — distressed grey ($158), honey brown ($228), and tobacco brown ($329) — all of which have a large top area, a middle shelf, and then two drawers.

This is an amazing coffee table, but thanks to its versatility, it can also be used as an entertainment center with plenty of space to house your television and streaming boxes; it even has room to store all of your remotes and other accessories.

A living room

WELLAND Rustic Square Coffee Table - $118

This coffee table may look basic and a little bare at a quick glance, but if you take a deeper look, you'll notice the solid elm wood that has been reclaimed and waxed to create a unique combination of the classic and modern styles. WELLAND has really knocked it out of the park with this square coffee table.

Although the table is new, the wood is sourced from for reclaimed solid elm dating back up to a century ago, which offers a strong and sturdy table that is more than capable of handling wear and tear over the years. For a fair price of $118, this understated and timeless table could be what ties your room together.

Yaheetech Wood Lift-Top Coffee Table - $99

Whoever said that lift-top coffee tables had to be expensive didn't come across this offering from Yaheetech. This wood life-top coffee table even comes with a hidden compartment and additional storage cubby holes making it the ideal option for anyone with a lot of stuff. And for a total cost under $100, it shouldn't be passed up.

When the lift-top secured to the base, the coffee table looks like your normal table, but as soon as you lift up the arm, you really start to see all it has to offer. Thanks to that lift-top, you can save a lot of room in your living space, bedroom, or home office.

Convenience Concepts Square Coffee Table - $160

There's nothing quite like a classic coffee table, and that's exactly what we have here. This 36-inch square coffee table from Convenience Concepts will give all of the classic look and use without having to break the bank. At $160, this coffee table could be a good centerpiece of your living room.

If the price and finish weren't enough, the lower-level storage space is also a good selling point for this eloquent coffee table.

Ashley Furniture Glass Top Coffee Table - $235

Finally, we have this over-the-top but under-budget coffee table from Ashley Furniture. The Nestor Glass Coffee Table/Cocktail Table comes in a medium brown finish that will show the world that you are not above putting on airs.

It's the most expensive table on our list, but looking at the glass top, ornamental legs, and brown finish all make it worth the $235 you'll be spending on this table.

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