I envy those who have the magic touch when it comes to houseplants and gardening. Garden tools all look the same to me, I kill almost every plant I try to nurse through life. If you're like me, fear not. I have a quick fix. These houseplants are perfect, difficult to kill, and super easy to take care of! Not to mention, they're gorgeous additions to any room. I present to you, dear reader, the perfect guide to taking care of your houseplants and not killing them.


succulent house plants

I love the aesthetic of succulents. Succulents need plenty of sunlight, but not direct sunlight otherwise they'll scorch. Try rotating them to make sure each side is getting the right amount of sunlight. When watering succulents, water the soil directly and let them dry out completely between each watering. They shouldn't be standing in water, ever. I currently have two succulents and they are alive and thriving thanks to these lifesaving tips.


cactus in pot

I had a cactus once. It died. But not because of me, my parents sent me a cactus from Arizona via airmail when I was in college. Clearly, it's a sensitive topic for me still. I like to blame the death of Pricklebish on an airline (probably Southwest). My poor little cactus suffocated in the dark cargo hold all alone. A moment of silence for Pricklebish, please.

Anyway, actually taking care of a cactus is easy and simple. Like succulents, cacti enjoy sunlight. They need gritty and free-draining soil. Water sparingly! Overwatering cacti is also a factor that plays into their demise. Also, keep away from cargo holds.


geranium house plant

The best geraniums to grow indoors are those with scented leaves. Be aware of that when you go to pick out your seeds! By simply brushing against the scented leaves of geraniums, you will release a delightful scent throughout your room. A natural air freshener. I guarantee you even if you think you don't need an air freshener, you absolutely do. And this one is perfect! They should be near sunlight, but not in direct line of the midday sun. They should be watered when the soil is noticeably dry.


fern house plant

Alright, not all ferns make for great houseplants, but you can count on the maidenhair and sword ferns. If these medieval named ferns don't fit your aesthetic, there is also the asparagus fern. Disclaimer: the asparagus fern does not grow asparagus. Ferns generally grow well in cool, shady spots. Ferns should have damp soil and regularly misted foliage. Pretty easy to manage if you ask me!

Rubber plant

rubber plant

I always thought rubber plants were fake, to be honest. They're commonly seen at doctors offices or office buildings, you know? I figured there was absolutely no way busy people such as doctors and business suit elitists could take care of a plant on top of their jobs. Turns out, rubber plants are incredibly easy to maintain. They need light, but not direct sunlight. The plant should be watered when the compost feels dry and allow any excess water to drain away from the bottom of the pot.

Peace lily

peace lily house plant

This plant is sweetly and accurately named. I remember my mom had one in our living room and I bet it is still probably there. There is something extraordinary and peaceful about the blossoming of this plant. It has beautiful white flowers that need decent, but not direct, exposure to sunlight. It should only be watered when the soil feels dry to the touch.


orchid house plants

Yes, okay, I'm biased. I think this is one of the most beautiful plants anyone could ever have in their home. I could line my windowsill with them forever. The moth orchid is the easiest to grow in good light, but not direct sunlight. The plant should be watered over the sink with slightly warm water when the compost looks and feels dry. This allows any excess water to drain away.


bromeliad house plants

This plant basically lives forever if you take care of the basics. It's like a hydra of the plant kind. It produces side shoots throughout its life that will replace the original plant. It should be kept away from exposure to the cold and extreme heat and watered when the soil is dry.

Snake plant

snake plant house plant

Its leaves may resemble a cobra but no, this is not a real snake! Don't feed it anything other than water and sunlight. Grow the snake plant in good light, but not direct sunlight. This will keep the leaf colors bright and beautiful. This unusual-looking house plant thrives in gritty, free-draining soil, which should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings.

Money plant

money plant house plant

The money plant, also known as the jade plant, is actually a giant succulent. This plant gets its name from the round plump leaves. If you squint really hard and use every ounce of your imagination, you can totally see how they resemble money. Right? No? It's okay, I can't either. The money plant likes a sunny position, but should avoid midday sun. Only water occasionally.

Aloe vera

aloe vera house plant

Aloe vera is also called the first-aid plant because when you cut the leaves, it can treat minor burns. I'm sure you have used aloe vera lotion of some form to treat a bad sunburn. Fun fact: I'm allergic to the sun. It's different than a sunburn, I get a rash. In fact, I have one right now. But aloe vera calms my skin and makes me feel so much better. Having this plant on hand is a lifesaver. Aloe vera should be grown out of direct sunlight but in a bright position, like the kitchen. Keep the soil damp but not soaking wet. Definitely cut down on watering during the winter!

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