Transforming your small bathroom into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space can be a tough challenge. Weird angles, lack of lighting, and awkward fixtures can really rain on your bathroom parade. Fortunately, we've scoured the blogs of top professional designers and pulled together a unique list of small bathroom ideas that will save time in your busy schedule and keep money in your pocket!

1. Stick to One Or Two Neutral Paint Colors

While flashy wallpaper and vibrant accent walls may be trendy, they also make small spaces seem super busy and enclosed. There is good reason why whites, creams, greys, and pastels are the most common paint choices. According to Amy Lynch, a veteran writer and editor specializing in design and decor at Bob Villa, "These neutral shades don’t recast light in a way that alters complexion in the mirror. A vibrant blue or green, on the other hand, may cast an unnatural sheen onto your skin after interacting with the bathroom’s natural or artificial light, exaggerating dark circles and blemishes." If lighting is an issue in your small bathroom, stick to one or two neutral shades. Lastly, if you absolutely must have an accent wall, go for a more subtle removable wallpaper.

2. Go For Large Unique Tile Flooring

Combining multiple shapes and sizes of tiles promises to be a cool and simple way to get a totally custom bathroom. Pair a monochromatic palette for major visual contrast and play around with layers of subway, hex and square tiles for a cool bathroom makeover. Expert Barbara Winfield, also from Bob Villa, says that "Our brain associates big tiles with a large space, so seeing them in a smaller setting tricks us it into thinking the room is larger than we know it to be." So, don't be afraid to GO BIG in your tiny bathroom!

3. Move Away From Traditional Vanity Lighting

The lighting in any bathroom is important. However, in a small bathroom, the darker it is, the smaller it feels. No matter its size, a bathroom should always feel bright and open. The main tip for small bathroom lighting is to think creatively. Expert Larry Bilotti suggests moving away from traditional bathroom lighting such as vanity lights, and instead focus on bathroom light fixtures that will maximize the small space for both design and lighting. Whether installed together or separately, lighted mirrors or medicine cabinets, undercabinet or tape lights, and flush mount ceiling lights are innovative and modern small bathroom lighting ideas for keeping the room feeling open and well-lit.

4. Swap The Shower Curtain For A Glass Shower Door

Shower curtains, while providing maximum privacy, also cut off the already limited space of your small bathroom. Open up the room with a pristine glass shower door. Choose the best glass shower door design to fit your space. Between the five types (sliding, rounded, neo-angle, pivot, or frameless), the sliding glass is the easiest to convert to. Although the rouncded or neo-angle designs may take up less square footage.

5. Opt. In For A Smaller, More Unique Vanity

Just because your bathroom lacks space, doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. You simply have to figure out clever, space-saving ways to lay it out. In most bathrooms, the sink cabinet is often too large and lacking in useful storage. Take back some of your tiny bathroom. Adding storage to a tiny bathroom is one of the best ways to hide clutter. It also creates a visually larger, more expansive bathroom. Choose a small bathroom vanity that features smart drawers and shelving that make use of every square inch in the cabinet. Expert Jean Nayar, points out that including floating or hung vanities creates "an airer feeling in a small space".

6. Get Vertical With Storage

Storage in small spaces always seems to be a difficult task. By going vertical with storage, you can simply hand narrow floating shelves, use hooks instead of a towel rack, or hang an over-the-door organizer. You can even implement storage above the toilet, such as a recessed and mirrored medicine cabinet. These quick fixes allow you to utilize and elongate spaces that might have otherwise left bare and dysfunctional.

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