Are you still hanging onto the futon that got you through college? Your college futon has sentimental value for a reason. It took you from the dorms to your first apartment. The coiled springs poking through the futon, the lack of support, and the sad-looking sag in the middle, it's clear you've given it all the love it needs, but it's time to sacrifice it to the alley. Your house guests deserve comfort, support, and a night of sound sleep.

Quality futons for a reasonable price are out there, and you don't even have to go into a store to purchase one, the one for you is just a click away.

That click is CouchBed, the memory foam sofa that converts into a comfortable bed.

The Wonders Of The CouchBed

Futons have come a long way from where they use to be. They are not just a metal/wooden frame with a saggy futon cushion placed on top, they've become couch-like. So much so, that you would not even know that it's a futon, because of its look and feel. That's the kind of futon that CouchBed is.

The CouchBed is the type of couch that you could spend a whole day bingeing your favorite movies, and not be sore from sitting for so long. Or, when guests come over, and it's time to turn that couch into a bed, you can do so, easily with its multilayer design.

When the couch is folded down, the memory foam mattress is 10 inches tall. The multilayer design is made for your comfort and constant support.
How is this couch so comfy, you ask? Well, the CouchBed is made with 100% CertiPur certified ultra-dense memory foam. The foam will keep your body cool throughout the night because of the phase-change technology that cools the body as you sleep. Certain types of memory foam tend to get hot, which results in a soft and not so firm memory foam.

You may have a small apartment, and wondering how you could fit something like this in it. Lucky for you, the CouchBed comes in three sizes: Twin, Full, and Queen.

Twin size dimensions:

As a mattress: 10" x 38' x 75"

As a couch: 20" x 29" x 75"

Weight: 75lbs

Full size dimensions:

As a mattress: 10" x 53" x 75"

As a couch: 20" x 38" x 75"

Weight: 63lbs

Queen size dimensions:

As a mattress: 10" x 60" x 80"

As a couch: 20" x 42" x 80"

Weight: 75lbs

The couch comes in four colors: charcoal, blue, black, and limestone. But, the charcoal and limestone is the only one offered in all three sizes. I will say you do get your bang for your buck with this purchase, it starts at $349! All the comfort and flexibility for a low price.

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