Headboards are one of the easiest ways to pull a bedroom together, however, they can be expensive to purchase. By making DIY headboards, not only do you save some extra cash, you also add your own creative flare to personalize your bedroom aesthetic. There are multiple DIY headboard methods, from wood headboards to macrame and even simpler approaches like pillows. Here are the top 8 easiest ways to DIY your new headboard.


If you're not feeling super creative or in a DIY mood but you're in need of a headboard, this one is perfect for you. You may already have a textile laying around, or perhaps you saw one at a store you really liked. There are also tapestries that are easy to find that are also unique approaches to headboards. Hanging a textile or tapestry on the wall behind your bed creates a non-intrusive headboard that has a unique and personal flare to it.


macrame headboard

Macrame is an art form that revolves around knotting cords or string in patterns that make decorative articles. It's a trendy art form that's simple yet effective in decorating a room and it's easy to hang almost anywhere. Many artists sell macrame online or in stores, but there are multiple ways you can DIY macrame. It doesn't have to be one large macrame piece, either. You can make multiple macrame pieces that are uniquely different. Once you complete your creation, simply hang it above your bed to literally tie your room together.


plywood headboard

A plain piece of plywood has a peculiar aesthetic, is inexpensive and easy to install. A plywood headboard is also easily customizable. You can add shelves, paint your own design, or cut the plywood into interesting geometric shapes. Really, the opportunities here are endless. We advise smoothing the plywood out before using it as a headboard - no one wants those wood flakes on their pillows!


rustic headboard

Ah yes, a DIY wood headboard that is aesthetically pleasing and not incredibly hard to make! A rustic look in the bedroom is trendy and honestly you won't need much more decor. It's subtle yet adds enough flair to be the main focus. A rustic headboard can be pulled together in as little as 3-6 hours. This one may require some assistance, as well as power tools. Stain or paint the headboard in a neutral color tone to help with its subtle appearance.


farmhouse headboard

Continuing the trend of DIY wood headboards, this farmhouse aesthetic is easy on the eyes and even easier to make. Farmhouse headboards can be made with pine boards, recycled doors, and just about any type of wood. It's fairly inexpensive and customizable. You can either stain your farmhouse headboard or use chalk paint and distress techniques to get the look you want to fit your room's aesthetic.


curtain headboard

If your bed is already set up against windows, this makes for an efficient and easy headboard that completes your room entirely. Additionally, you can add lights (that are safe for use) to the curtains. Even if your bed is not against the windows, this makes for a simple way to add some elegant pizzaz to your bedroom. All this headboard requires is a curtain rod and whatever curtains your heart desires. Floor length curtains may be more expensive, whereas shorter curtains can pull off a similar effect but at a lower cost.


pillow headboard

There are two main ways to approach the pillow headboard approach: hanging decorative pillows and simply having large decorative pillows propped against the wall. One obviously involves more work than the other. For hanging decorative pillows, you will need a curtain rod, pillows, and a way to attach the pillows to the curtain rod. Sewing your own attachments onto the pillow can help add a uniform look. Once you have attachments sewn, slide the pillows onto your curtain rod and hang behind your bed. The approach of having large decorative pillows propped behind your bed is a simple way to achieve a similar aesthetic.

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