Moving back to school or into your first dorm room is an exciting time but can also be stressful. Going off to school requires a lot of planning and shopping, lucky for you there are places like Ikea that have all the dorm room essentials you'll need for a great price.

To help you, we’ve selected some Ikea treasures you’re going to want to add to your shopping list.

Bed Linens

This is probably the first items on everyone’s back-to-school checklist, as it should be. You’re sleeping on a dorm room mattress that’s been around, so to protect yourself and your mattress, purchase a mattress protector, along with sheets.

Mattress protector: $19.99

No need to worry about spills or messes with Ikea’s GÖKÄRT mattress protector. It is constructed with a blend of cotton and polyester fabric, and there is a thin layer of plastic that prevents liquids from seeping through the fabric and staining the mattress.

Comforter: $24.99

College dorm rooms can get pretty chilly, so having a comforter that keeps you warm all night long is a necessary. The GRUSBLAD comforter from Ikea is made up of a light-fiber blend of cotton and polyester. Even though this comforter is insanely soft, the fibers maintain their volume and insulation allowing your body to breathe easy throughout the night.

Duvet Cover: $12.99

The SÅNGLÄRKA duvet cover is the perfect option if you want an easy to care for, long-lasting duvet cover. The neat thing about this duvet is that it’s made from 100% sustainably grown cotton.

Bed Sheets: $11.99

The feeling of climbing into bed after a long day of classes is one of the best feelings, and it's even better when your bed's sheets are 100% cotton. Ikea's AGNSÄV cotton sheets are made 152 thread count sheets, and are made of 100% all natural cotton, with each wash these sheets get softer!

Laundry Hamper

A small dorm room can get messy pretty quickly, a fantastic way to manage that mess is by using a laundry hamper. Plus, you don't want to upset your roommate by having your clothes all over the room.

Laundry Bag: $12.99

A small dorm room can get messy pretty quickly, a fantastic way to manage that mess is by using a laundry hamper. Ikea’s PLUMSA laundry bag is a 26 inch tall, 16-gallon bag that has a plastic lining on the inside to protect from moisture and stains.

Laundry Basket: $7.99

In addition to a laundry bag, it's wise to have a laundry basket for carrying your clean laundry. The 9 gallon TORKIS laundry basket is made of a soft, flexible plastic that's comfortable to carry!


No matter the rug or the room, a rug helps pull a space together, and adds a level of comfort to the atmosphere. Plus, having a rug in your dorm keeps you from placing your feet on the cold tile floor.

Small rug: $19.99

The JÖRSBY rug is great for bedside use. It’s a durable, stain resistant rug that makes it perfect for high traffic areas like a dorm room.

Storage Bins

Living in a small and cramped space can get messy quickly, and when you're sharing a space with someone else it then becomes double the mess. By having proper storage you can contain that mess and become organized in the the process.

Hanging Storage: $19.99

The NORDRANA hanging storage is great for small spaces since you can hang it on the door or the wall. It’s ideal for small accessories like hairbrushes, shower shoes, craft supplies, etc. A neat feature to the NORDRANA is that all three of the storage pockets can hang together, or you can separate them and let them hang individually.

Rolling Storage Unit: $59.99

This MICKE rolling storage unit is a part of a bigger series, and the cool thing about these guys is that all the desks and drawer units in MICKE line are all the same height, making them perfect for combining desk and drawer units. This storage unit comes with four drawers, two small and two big.

Being a student is hard, but shopping for school shouldn’t be--thankfully there’s Ikea for that. If you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your dorm room check out our piece on The Best College Dorm Room Ideas for Fall 2019

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