Poor sanitation in developing countries is major issue that often doesn't get enough awareness. That's why it's so important that companies such as Who Gives A Crap offer recycled toilet paper and other recycled paper goods to tackle one of the most daunting problems that humanity faces: clean and safe sanitation. 

The Importance Of Clean And Safe Sanitation

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Sanitation issues are on the rise and, thankfully, gaining awareness and becoming a major talking point due to thought-provoking television series like Inside Bill’s Brain, a Netflix documentary featuring both Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates.

Clean and safe sanitation is one of the most significant needs of humanity; without it, an individual is susceptible to waterborne diseases.

The unsafe sanitation crisis has caused nearly 2.3 billion people worldwide to forgo the use of a toilet – that is equal to roughly half of the global population. The unsafe sanitation epidemic is responsible for 289,000 children deaths under the age of five or 800 children per day or one child every two minutes, mostly caused by diarrheal diseases.

What Is Who Gives A Crap?

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These dire conditions caused by hazardous sanitation can be improved significantly with proper sanitation and hygiene. Unfortunately, they are not being improved quickly enough without the help of others.

There are ways that the public can help improve sanitation for developing countries. The company Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of its profits to help build toilets and better sanitation in developing countries. As of today, Who Gives A Crap has donated 1.9 million dollars to help build toilets for those in need, thanks to the support of their customers.

Who Gives A Crap Products

who gives a crap toilet paper
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You can feel good about purchasing any of Who Gives A Crap products. Half of your proceeds not only go towards helping build clean and safe sanitation in developing countries, but you're purchasing products that are also environmentally friendly.

All Who Gives A Crap products are either made from recycled materials or forest-friendly bamboo. Their products contain no inks, dyes, or scents. Their products are biodegradable and safe for use in septic tanks. Who Gives A Crap, sells the following;

Premium 3-Ply 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper (48 Rolls)

Made from 100% forest friendly Bamboo, the premium 3-ply bamboo toilet paper is Who Gives A Crap's softest roll of toilet paper they offer. Each roll is individually wrapped in fun packaging that goes nicely with any bathroom decor.

Premium bamboo rolls are double length with 370 sheets each, 1,860 square feet per box of 48 rolls. Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is priced at $52 per box of 48 rolls.

100% 3-Ply Recycled Toilet Paper (48 Or 30 Rolls)

Made from 100% recycled paper, the 3-ply jumbo recycled toilet paper rolls are Who Gives A Crap's biggest value on toilet paper! Don't let the words recycled paper fool you; this toilet paper is incredibly soft and strong. Similar to the premium bamboo toilet paper, each recycled toilet paper roll is individually wrapped in fun, bright packaging.

Recycled jumbo rolls have 400 sheets each, 2,067 square feet per box of 48 rolls. Recycled jumbo rolls are priced at $48 per box of 48 rolls or $30 per box of 24 rolls.

who gives a crap toilet paper
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Forest Friendly Tissues (12 Boxes)

For those seeking an environmentally-friendly, yet useful tissue for their stuffy noses, look no further than Who Gives a Crap's Forest Friendly Tissues. Made from 100% bamboo, these soft tissues will be gentle on your nose, yet strong on colds.

Forest friendly tissue boxes have 65 tissues each. Purchase 12 boxes of tissues for $16.

Forest Friendly Paper Towels (6 Rolls)

Let's face it; everyday life tends to get a little messy. Having some paper towels around comes in handy. It's even better to have paper towels that are strong enough to handle the toughest clean-ups.

Who Gives A Crap Forest Friendly Paper Towels are made from a blend of bamboo and sugarcane, resulting in super soft, absorbent towels. Each double length roll is 2-ply and has 120 sheets. Purchase six individually wrapped paper towel rolls for $16.

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Who Gives A Crap: Our Review

For this review of Who Gives A Crap, we ordered their 100% 3- Ply Recycled Toilet Paper, which is considered their best value on toilet paper. Their recycled jumbo roll boxes come in two sizes – 48 rolls for $48 or 24 rolls for $30. The box of recycled toilet paper was conveniently delivered to my door a few days after placing my order online. I loved the idea of ordering a substantial amount of toilet paper and having it delivered to my home, eliminating the need for bulky purchases at big box stores.

The outside of the box is labeled with the "Who Gives A Crap" logo, a funny sight for any mail carrier. Each toilet paper roll was individually wrapped in bright, fun packaging, with their logo and some insight into their company. Not only is the packaging an added benefit for bathroom decor and an interesting conversation starter with house guests, but the colorful bright wrappers kept the toilet paper moisture-free and hygienic.

I loved the idea that Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper with no dyes, inks, or scents. However, I was feeling slightly skeptical about how soft it could be. I was pleasantly surprised when I compared it to my standard toilet paper in the house and it was similar in softness and strength. When compared to standard rolls, Who Gives A Crap recycled toilet paper is more tightly wrapped, resulting in less wasted air space. Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is also 3-ply with 400 sheets per toilet paper roll, meaning it's more durable and longer-lasting than many other toilet papers offered on the market.

Not only am I pleased with the quality and durability of this toilet paper, but I'm also happy with how long it lasts. I also feel good to be a part of the efforts to help offer those in developing countries with cleaner sanitation by building toilets - something that many of us take for granted.


When you purchase products from Who Gives A Crap, you're making a difference. You are choosing to use environmentally friendly products.

Who Gives A Crap's recycled toilet paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste paper. Recycled toilet paper is a brilliant alternative to cutting down trees for the sole purpose of toilet paper - it reduces our CO2 as well as particulate matter emissions.

Not only are you choosing environmentally-friendly products for your home, but you're also taking part in solving a pressing problem for humanity. Having access to clean and safe sanitation is a luxury most people of the world won't get to experience. When you purchase products from Who Gives A Crap, you're helping to build toilets for those that desperately need them. Spread the word and help make a difference today!

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