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Gorgeous Lip Gloss With The Perfect Sprinkle Of Shimmer And Shine

Le Riot Lip Gloss looks and feels amazing. I love a glossy finish, but most lip glosses I try—even expensive ones—get caught in my hair and make my lips feel sticky. Lady Gaga's gloss shimmers and shines without the heavy feeling of some glosses.

There's diversity between each gloss. There are six gorgeous shades, each unique and lovely across the board. My personal two favorites are Attitude and Entranced. The Attitude shade is a tangerine-red with ruby sparkles. Entranced has a luminescent pearly glow.

Each shade is unique in their own right. I bought Attitude, Entranced, and Scream and I have every intention of buying the rest, they're that divine!

You can add the gloss to au naturel lips or with lipstick—it's all up to you and the look you're dreaming of.

The gloss is under $20 and has 4 stars on Amazon, making it a crowd-pleaser for an affordable price!

PERFECT lip gloss for everyday wear!

"This is amazing lip gloss! I haven't worn it all day yet (just received tonight) so I can't speak to how long it lasts, but it is incredibly smooth to apply, has a nice glossy finish and I LOVE the color! I don't wear lipstick, as I am more of a lip gloss person, but this is already my new favorite. I will definitely be buying more colors.

The container is also really cool. I love the pyramid design. It feels much higher quality than I expected for the price. There seems to be a good amount of product in there as well, which should last a long time. I tried it on my bare lips as well as layered over the RIP Lip Liner in Ride. I loved both looks but honestly preferred just the gloss alone since I tend to be more of a makeup minimalist. This color (Blaze) really enhances my natural lip color and makes them really shine! I'll probably use this every day."

A Lasting Lip Liner

If you're in love with the gloss, you should consider treating yourself to Haus Laboratories lip liner that's also under $20! The lip liner creates sharp lines and you can rest easy knowing the liner won't smudge or flake off with time. The liner is waterproof and sure to last all day or all night, or both!

The demi-matte liner look blends magically with the gloss, and pairs well with any lipstick of your choosing.

Great Lip Liner!

"I bought the color called Myth. It is so fabulous! I like the creamy matte texture. I watched the video on the product page too so I can apply it correctly like a make up artist does it.

It is neutral (a very pretty neutral) so I can wear it every day. Already got lots of compliments from my co-workers. I like it so much I decided to get a lip gloss too from this Haus collection."

Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner That Works For Any Occasion

We all need an eyeliner we can lean back on for simple makeup days or a glamorous look meant to dazzle and impress. Lady Gaga is the queen of dazzling the masses, which is why it's no surprise to me that her eyeliner stole the show!

The long-lasting eyeliner is a staple item for your makeup collection. It dries fast, and the fine felt-tip gives you maximum control without worrying about slipping and smudging.

I have oily eyelids so finding an eyeliner that works for me has always been a struggle, but Gaga's eyeliner stayed put until I washed it off at the end of the day!

100% Yes

"So so good!!! Best liquid liner I’ve ever bought! Smooth application! Dries quick! Doesn’t budge! Buy! Buy more than 1!!"

Eyeliner Kit That Make Your Life A Little Easier!

If you don't mind spending a little extra—this item is priced at a little under $40—consider buying the liquid eyeliner with wingtip stickers.

If makeup isn't your thing and you're easily frustrated by doing it, the wingtips make your job easier, and no one would ever know the wings are stickers. You'll never have to worry about uneven wings again!

What I love most about the wingtip addition is that there are different wingtip lengths. If you want a subtle look, there are wings that are short, but if you want to go all out, Gaga has you covered with a dramatic, unforgettable cat eye!

The wingtip stickers are intended to accommodate any eye shape and skill level.

Have fun with the different wingtip lengths and channel your inner Gaga cat-eye!

Must Buy!!!!

"I honestly love these makeup products I can’t wait until this company comes up with more items. I highly and truly recommend anyone and everyone to buy these products! Thank you Lady Gaga and Haus Of Gaga for these amazing deals and beauty products!"

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