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Amateur photographers, aspiring Instagram models, or mothers looking to nail that perfect prom photo, what is the one problem you continue to run into when taking photos with your phone? The lighting, right?

No matter how many lights you turn on in your home, no matter what direction you face when taking an outdoor selfie, or no matter what filter you choose to use, that flattering lighting is just too challenging to come by. Until now...

With this 8" ring light from UBeesize, you can get your the highest quality in media production lighting for far less than the professionals pay. Take eye-popping selfies and film videos with production value that will have your YouTube followers drooling. The LED light is compatible with the latest models of iPhone and Android.

The light is equipped with three different modes: white, natural, and warm. Each mode can be adjusted to 11 different levels of brightness. That way, you will never fail to get the perfect lighting for a picture or video, no matter the time or place.

The light also comes with a convenient tripod stand that extends up to 51" from its resting height of just 17.5" making for easy storage when not in use. The aluminum stand's telescopic range stays at your desired height not by twist-and-lock fasteners to ware away over time, but quick-flip locks for long-lasting performance. Its weighted base also increases stability to prevent it from tipping over.

Also included with the tripod is, of course, the thing that holds your phone to the tripod! The universal phone holder is compatible with almost all smartphones with or without a case, hence the name "universal," by extending its spring-loaded clamp to a width of 3.6" at most. Its 360º rotation feature allows you to easily find the right angle for your photo or video.

As for another really cool feature, the set comes with wireless, Bluetooth-enabled shutter remote. This way you can take your selfies without touching your phone.

Perfect lighting, perfect height, perfect angle. The possibilities are endless with how far you can take your media endeavors creatively with this set!

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