No one likes coming home to a house that smells like three-day-old pizza. But sometimes, not even scented candles or Febreze can mask the stench enveloping your living space. You sometimes have no choice but to marinate in the odor of whatever dinner you had days ago, and yikes!

Want a stink zapper that can make your home smell like heaven? Check out the Pium Starter Kit.

Now on sale for an additional 15% off for Black Friday month, this diffuser kit spritzes fragrance capsules across your space throughout the day. It includes a smart diffuser that you can use to schedule scents remotely via the accompanying app, so you can already spread amazing scents even before you enter the door. It supports three intensities — bold, moderate, and mild — that you're free to toggle depending on your preference. It even notifies you when you're running out of capsules so you can replace them immediately.

With this kit, not only will you get the diffuser, but you'll also get to take home a variety of citrus, floral, and woody scent capsules.

The Pium Starter Kit normally goes for $199, but you can get it on sale today for $169. Enter the code BFSAVE15 at checkout for an additional 15% off, bringing the price down to $143.65.

Pium Starter Kit: Smart Diffuser + 3 Fragrance Capsules - $169

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