We all have that one friend who consistently sends song recommendations to the group chat. The one who always has earphones in tow. The one who's constantly singing or tapping just because. We all have that pal who's obsessed with music, and if you have no idea what to get them for the holidays, we have a solid suggestion: the LuguLake Vinyl Record Player.

This retro-inspired turntable makes listening to your favorite records more exciting. Capable of playing 7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch records, it boasts a belt-driven system that reduces vibrations, adds spin stability, and updates the tonearm, resulting in richer and more authentic sound quality. Best of all, it features a classic aesthetic with an elegant wooden finish — so it can easily double as the perfect decor in any room.

No doubt about it, this record player is definitely something that the music lover in your life would be thrilled to have. It usually retails for $89.99, but you can get it on sale for $79.99. Use the code BFSAVE15 at checkout for an additional 15% off — bringing the price to just $67.99

LuguLake Vinyl Record Player - $67.99 with code BFSAVE15

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