Say aloe to my little friend, the succulent. Succulents are known for being tough as nails, able to survive harsh environments like the average living room. They've become the gold standard in home botanicals decor for their hardy nature, and exquisite beauty. As these hard to kill plants rapidly grow in popularity, learn ways to beautify your home with succulents, using our chic tips and suggestions.

Casa Glass Terrarium

casa glass terrarium

Encapsulate a collection of succulents in a gorgeous casa glass terrarium from Wayfair. This stylish terrarium features an open glass fishbowl that sits atop a weathered cement base. The glass terrarium would be the perfect decorative display for those seeking a home for their plants.

Achilles Porcelain Wall Planter

achilles porcelain wall planter

The achilles porcelain wall planter is the ideal planter to add a splash of botanical beauty to your bare walls. This lovely planter comes with mountain hardware and plastic liners so that you can create a living wall. We recommend adding some String-of-pearls to the wall-mounted-planter for a stunningly, beautiful, cascading effect.

Succulent Wall Planter

succulent wall hanger

For succulent lovers looking to put their Succulent Studio's Subscription to good use, look no further than a unique succulent wall planter that will transform any space into a living wall. The vertical garden made from reclaimed wood, are exquisite displays for front doors, entryways, living rooms, or outdoor gardens and patios. Purchase a succulent wall planter with an assorted selection of succulents and moss included or design your own.

Addison Succulent 3-Piece Steel Wall Planter Set

addison succulent steel wall planter set

Spruce up your home with a modern expression of the Addison succulent 3-piece steel wall planter set. Perch your succulents inside, the circular galvanized steel planters, for a unique industrial display that will stay neutral to compliment any home decor.

Navy Jemaine Pocket Hanging 2 Piece Wall Planter Set

The Jemaine pocket hanging wall planter set will go perfectly in any home with a shabby chic style, blending elegance and distressed finishes. Line your pocket planter with plastic liners, and fill with your choice of popular succulents. The pocket hanging wall planter set comes in three color choices, navy, distressed white gold, or black.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter

The Umbra Triflora hanging planter is a brilliant space-saving idea for small rooms! By hanging planters from a stylish metal rod, your beautiful succulents will free up space on your window sills and shelves. Hang your stylish planter from the ceiling or wall-mount the planter in front of a window for plenty of sunshine. The Umbra Triflora hanging planter comes with all mounting hardware for added convenience!

Ceramic Succulent Owl Pots

ceramic succulent owl pots

These ceramic succulent owl pots are such a hoot! Simple and sleek, these delightful ceramic owl planters will add a dash of personality and color to your home decor that everyone will adore. Individual planters are a fantastic starting point for succulent beginners, seeking stylish ways to display their plants without breaking the bank. Ceramic succulent owl pots also make for a charming gift for family and friends.

Round Ceramic Succulent Cactus Planter Pot

round ceramic succulent cactus planter pot

This no-fuss affordable round ceramic succulent cactus planter pot is perfect for housing multiple of your favorite succulents while displaying them on your coffee table, dining room table, or office desk. The modern round ceramic succulent cactus planter will brighten any area of your home when you incorporate lush greenery for it to hold.

Gorton Brass Terrarium

gorton brass terrarium

The glamorous Gorton brass terrarium houses succulents in a modern geometric silhouette to be placed on any tabletop or bookshelf that may need an inkling of artistic style. You and your guests can peer through the glass panels of your terrarium and enjoy your lovely succulents staged inside.

White Ceramic Hexagon Succulent Planters

white ceramic hexagon succulent planters

Beautiful and chic, the white ceramic hexagon succulent planters create a unique and stylish honeycomb-like appeal. The set of seven mini white ceramic planters sit atop a bamboo tray, forming a lovely hexagonal shape, perfect for those charmed by geometrical patterns.

Rustic Burnt Wood Tiered Succulent Planter Stand

Uncomplicated yet trendy, the rustic burnt wood tiered succulent planter stand includes eight miniature white ceramic plant pots for your succulents on a set of two racks. Each wooden display box holds four ceramic pots to beautifully display your succulents on a window sill, hutch, table side, or mantel.

Brajttt Succulent Plant Pots

brajttt succulent plant pots

Decorate your home with Brajttt succulent plant pots. The Brajttt succulent plant pots will draw vibrant color into your home decor with their charming mosaic-like designs. The Brajttt succulent plant pots arrive in a pack of four, along with stylish bamboo tray to prevent slippage. Similar to the ceramic succulent owl pots the ceramic mosaic succulent pots make wonderful gifts for friends and family as well, and are perfect for those just starting to learn about growing succulents.

Brown Eggs Ceramic Succulent Planters

brown eggs ceramic succulent planters

The brown eggs ceramic succulent planters are an eggcellent idea for those looking to add some extra greenery to the kitchen space. The adorable nine miniature, egg-shaped terracotta plant pots are the perfect size for baby succulents of seedlings. This incredibly cute conversation piece is a must-have for all plant lovers and succulent fans!

Rust Cynthia Metal Wall Planter

rust cynthia metal wall planter

Create an address plaque for your front door with the rust Cynthia metal wall planter! This lovely off-center pocket wall planter allows for some creativity for succulent lovers, to flex their imagination. Use the wall planter as-is for a chic distressed metal industrial look, or create fabulous address plaque to hang outside your front door to greet your guests.

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