Incorporating a charming tiered tray into your home decor is a simple, yet stylish way to warm up any unfrequented corner in your humble abode. You may also choose to use your tiered tray in the kitchen to spruce up your counter space, opting to utilize it as both a decorative and functional piece.

No matter where you choose to arrange your tiered tray, knowing how to style a tiered tray can be an intricate process, as the possibilities for this versatile item are endless. We've gathered several stylish tips on how to organize a delightful tiered tray to your tastes, and where to purchase one if you haven't snagged one of these fabulous home decor must-haves already!

Where To Purchase Tiered Trays

gracie oaks tiered tray

Fortunately, tiered trays have exploded in popularity as a fun and enjoyable way of displaying your personality and style in any room of the home, thus making the availability of tiered trays readily available online and in stores.

Tiered trays come in all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Popular options include the ultra-trendy wooden farmhouse Gracie Oaks two-tiered tray at Wayfair, a rustic galvanized three-tiered tray from Hobby Lobby, or the shabby chic Mcclarey tiered stand at Joss & Main.

If these options don't suit you, you'll find that multiple retailers such as Birch Lane, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Etsy carry several charming alternatives to match your home decor.

How To Style A Tiered Tray

Step One: Choosing A Theme

honey themed tiered tray

Now that you've selected the perfect tiered tray, you're more than likely feeling inspired and in love with your new decor but unsure of where to start. First know, that there is no right or wrong way to styling a tiered tray. But, certain accent pieces can truly make your stand pop, and appear as though your creative display came together effortlessly, which won't go unnoticed by your guests.

Begin your styling adventure by choosing a theme or color scheme for your tiered tray. If you plan on introducing a tiered tray to your home coffee bar, a coffee theme would be a likely choice. Other popular choices include:

  • farmhouse
  • honey bee
  • beach house
  • lemon grove
  • watermelon patch
  • carrot patch
  • Americana
  • succulent
  • cupcake
  • Disney-inspired

Another way to help you choose your theme would be to take a quick look around your home for trinkets and collectibles that you already have in possession, that follow the same theme. If you have several honey bee knick-knacks around your home and your kitchen, gather them up and utilize them on your stand without starting entirely from scratch, and add-on from there every time your visit the store.

Step Two: Choose An Anchor Piece

lemon theme tiered tray

The anchor piece is often a themed, cheerful sign, or larger ceramic that will be placed on the top or lower level, in the center of your tray as the main focal point, it also serves as a good starting place to work around when styling. To give you more direction, the anchor piece will more than likely be your favorite item on your tray. Perhaps, your anchor piece is what inspired you to go with your specific theme.

For honey bee themes, it could be a large honey pot. If you're dreaming of a coffee bar theme, the anchor piece could be your favorite Rae Dunn coffee mug filled with honey sticks, or colorful straws that add a burst of color and height. There are boundless possibilities when it comes to your anchor piece.

Step Three: Add Greenery To Your Tiered Tray

cupcake theme tiered tray

After you set your anchor piece, you'll want to add some greenery to your tiered tray. Greenery, whether faux or real, soften the hardness of the rustic appearance of wood or metal while maintaining balance and symmetry amongst your decorative items displayed on your tiered tray.

We recommend using a mixture of faux unpotted mini succulents in your arrangement or purchasing a subscription to Succulent Studios. With a Succulent Studios subscription box, you can enjoy an exciting unboxing of two eight-week-old succulents that can be included in your stand every month for a unique creative display!

Step Four: Make It Cohesive

starbucks tiered tray

Now with your anchor piece and greenery placed, you'll want to add more of your slightly larger focal pieces before adding smaller fillers and finishing touches.

Begin by placing repeating items in color, theme, and texture on your tray. For instance, if you're styling a coffee themed tiered tray having several mugs or small plates, on opposing sides on multiple tiers is aesthetically pleasing, as your eye will naturally travel from one item to the next when placed cohesively.

Step Five: Add Your Filler

farmhouse tiered tray

With your more substantial objects smartly arranged on your tiered tray, it's time to add your little treasures, the fillers! Fillers can range from mini teacups, wooden beads, grapevine orbs, artificial fruit, decorative bowl, and vase fillers! You can discover many of these items and more at Hobby Lobby, Ikea, Michaels, or at your local Christmas Tree Shop.

When adding your tiny fillers we suggest fiddling with height. Purchase some miniature cupcake holders, readily available at your local dollar store, and perch smaller cups, candles, and miniature signs on top of decorative holders to harmonize your tiered tray's balance.

Where Can I Purchase Tiered Tray Decor?

donut theme tiered tray

For an incredible customizable look, we suggest heading over to Etsy and snagging one-of-a-kind signs and chachkies for your tiered tray. If you're looking for affordable, yet stylish tiered tray decor, you'll find a never-ending, wide selection at notable big box stores, either online or in-store. We'd suggest you check out the following locations to see what you can find!

  • Target
  • Christmas Tree Shop
  • Home Goods
  • TJMaxx
  • Ikea
  • Amazon
  • Wayfair
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Michaels
  • Pottery Barn
  • Dollar Tree / Family Dollar
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