As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to fall, we'll start to dig out our fall decor in preparation for the Autumn season, and most importantly, Halloween! For most of us, our collection of fall and Halloween decor consist of the typical collection of pumpkins, gingham, witches, skeletons, and ghosts. But, for those looking to add something slightly more unique to their roundup of spooky Halloween decor, look no further than these somber black succulents.

Naturally eerie in appearance, black succulents play a chilling trick on you, appearing dark as night. Yet, black succulents are not entirely black, but a rich bloody burgundy or a bruised purple. Black succulents are incredibly gorgeous, robust plants, a standout from ordinary succulents. Black succulents create a fantastic contrast in fall floral arrangements, perfect for those seeking plants for goth gardening. We've compiled a list of our favorite unearthly black succulents perfect for Halloween decor!

Black Knight Succulent

black knight succulent

The Echeveria Black Knight's deep, plump purple leaves offer a spine-chillily unearthly black hue, an excellent addition to any gothic garden for a feeling of gloom and doom. The black knight is also known to produce blood-red blooms when placed in full sunlight.

Purchase a black knight succulent on Etsy through SucculentCreationz. Your receive one black knight in a two-inch pot ready to be placed in your spooky floral arrangement.

Black Rose

black rose succulent

The Aeonium Arboreum "Zwarktop" or Black Rose is striking beautiful, yet mysterious. The unearthly black rose is a rare sight and can have various meanings, yet the most notable would be death and mourning, making this sought after black succulent a trendy choice for Halloween decor. Please note that the black rose will also sprout yellow flowers in warm sunlight, a gorgeous contrast against the black fleshy stalks.

Purchase a black rose succulent from ExoticGardening. You'll receive one hardy one black rose succulent, well-rooted, without a pot to reduce damage during shipping.

Black Hens And Chicks

black hens and chicks succulents

The Sempervivum Black or Black Hen And Chicks starts off as any portly succulent you've seen with a beautiful evergreen rosette, dotted with deep, burgundy tips. As the weather cools in the fall, the main rosette or the mother hen will darken in color, graduating into a showy bronzy-purple, ideal for Autumn, spreading in all directions. Offsets or chicks will stem off from the Hen as the stolon (creeping horizontal plant stem) withers.

Purchase black chicks and hens from COLDHARDYSUCCULENTS. You'll receive six different varieties with established roots.

Chinese Jade

chinese jade succulent

The Sinocrassula Yunnanensis or Chinese Jade is a unique succulent with a rosette-like appearance, with dark emerged green or black spikey leaves that uniformly grow upward. The Chinese Jade is a popular choice for its densely grown offsets that make it extremely easy to propagate this spooky succulent. The Chinese Jade can grow up to four inches in height and flower petite white blooms in warm weather.

To purchase Chinese Jade for your spooky collection, visit WalawalaStudio. You'll receive ten seeds along with sowing instructions on how to grow succulents.

Rare Dark Black Haworthia

black haworthia succulent

The Haworthia Springbokvlakensis or the rare Dark Black Haworthia is truly a spine-chilling sight, with its extremely eerily swollen leaf facets growing almost flat to the ground. The leaves are adorned with ghostly purple-brown stripe, giving us Little Shop of Horror vibes, making this dark beauty fit for unique Halloween decor.

To purchase some rare dark black Haworthia visit SquirrelRunFarm. You'll receive one single-rooted Haworthia in a two-inch plastic pot. Beware, this little guy may be asking you to feed him!


lobivia succulent

If spiders make your skin crawl, then the Lobivia Arachnacantha Cactus or the Lobivia may not be the succulent you desire. Looking to make those terrified of spiders scared, this is the plant for you. The nightmarish dark chocolate colored plant is crawling is spider-like patterned thorns that will make you say eek!! The more sunlight this small spooky succulent receives, the deeper the fleshly color will become. The Lobivia will flower vibrant orange or yellow blooms in the daytime, during the spring.

To purchase your very own Lobivia, visit LisaPlantShop. You'll receive one rooted Lobivia without a pot. If you purchase two, you'll receive one free!

black pearl succulents

If you're looking to add a touch of dark and brooding coverage to your gothic garden, Sedum album Black Pearl will do the trick! This low growing evergreen succulent develops clusters of petite rounded stems that are either a dark green or eye-catching purple. Black Pearl makes a spooky addition any wall-edge, or pathways, and make-shift graves.

Purchase creeping groundcover black pearls at Vintagepetalpushers. You'll receive one mature black plant in a four-inch pot.

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