How We Survived Virtual Learning in 2020

Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses
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Of course screen time has increased during the pandemic—how could it not? We are on a screen to work, learn, and hang out with friends. All of this screen time has consequences though. Dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision are common symptoms of eye strain. Blue light emitted from a screen can mess with sleep habits too.

Blue light blocking glasses protect your eyes from the blue light emitted from your screens to prevent damage to your eyes. If you’re spending more than six hours a day in front of a screen (and who isn’t?) then blue light blocking glasses are essential for you and your kiddos.

Dell Vostro 3000

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For those kiddos who are learning-from-home full-time, we recommend the Dell Vostro 3000 Desktop. Especially for older kids, setting up a more private area for them to attend their classes and work on their homework will likely help them concentrate. Of course, check in on them periodically!

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop

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An Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop is the perfect touchscreen two-in-one laptop for your student. You can apply parental controls using Google family. Time limits, managing websites, and choosing what apps your student can use are all assets to this device. With a Chromebook, your student can easily attend their classes and download and edit needed materials.

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

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This printer is an affordable option with the ability to print from your tablet, smartphone, or computer. You can copy, scan, fax, and print all the materials needed for virtual learning. It even works with Alexa!

JuniorJams Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids 3+

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Headphones are a necessary accessory when learning virtually. These comfy headphones can be used with Bluetooth or a cord. Quality sound will ensure your student’s ears will be protected. And with a battery life of 22 hours, they can make it through the school day without having to recharge.

Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

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This standalone wifi router will make learning and working from home more manageable. It covers up to 1,500 square feet and with the eero app, parents can have control of internet usage. You can easily set up this router in about 10 minutes for faster, safer, and more reliable internet access.

bonVIVO Massimo Glass and Bamboo Home Office Writing Desk, White

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Simply beautiful, the bonVIVO Massimo Glass and Bamboo Home Office Writing Desk sports a sleek style in addition to its functional work and storage space. Thanks to its minimal design, this kiddo-size desk fits well in small areas, but functions just as well as a more ornate desk.

VIVO Blue Height Adjustable Children's Desk and Chair Set

Adjustable Work Station
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Ergonomically designed, the VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set is great for the aspiring artist and student in your home. Sturdy and functional, this interactive workstation adjusts to kid’s heights as they grow. Like a drafting table, this desktop tilts to keep your student sitting up and engaged with their work. The VIVO desk is also available in pink, as well as more gender-neutral colors.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Lift-Top Desk & Chair - White

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Like most things from Melissa & Doug, this desk is made from high-quality wood. It has a safety hinged desktop to keep little fingers from getting pinched and ample storage for school supplies. Recommended for toddlers to students around eight years old, this compact workspace fits nicely in a children’s area.

Kore Kids Wobble Chair

Wobble with Me
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If your kiddo gets the wiggles, this Kore Kids Wobble Chair may be the perfect thing to help your student concentrate and expend all of that pent up energy. Available in different sizes and bright colors, this unconventional chair encourages movement without the safety concern of falls due to its stable, wide base. It helps with poor posture and is ideal for any active child, but particularly kiddos with ADHD, ADD, and ASD.

Sensory Toys - Calming Stretchy Stress and Anxiety Relief Fidget Toys - 6pk

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Fidget toys from Bunmo are perfect for the sensory-seeking student in your life. Bumpy, colorful, and stretchy, these sensory strings keep students’ hands busy during virtual zoom lessons.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Office Organizer

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Having a space for all things virtual school-related will help students and caregivers alike feel more prepared and organized, which is why we’re in love with this colorful rolling cart from Honey-Can-Do. With 10 drawers, this easily maneuverable cart is a wonderful storage option.

Jumbo Dry Erase Laminated Wall Calendar

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Some students are visual learners. Having access to a large dry-erase calendar like this one helps students organize their days and prevents procrastination. Plus, who doesn’t love writing and drawing on a huge dry erase board? Your student may even have fun planning out their weeks!

Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center

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Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center is a space-saver that can be used to store school, art, and craft supplies. It has eight spots to keep all your student’s supplies neat and tidy.

Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder

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Students need a place for all that homework, and the Case-It Zipper Binder is just the place. Reminiscent of Trapper Keepers from the days of yore, this three-ringed zippable binder has an expandable file folder to keep everything secure. (This funny monster version is also super cute!)

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Mathlink cubes are a staple in elementary classrooms around the country. Get your student a set and watch how math concepts start to click when given the right materials. Visual and tactile learners will love how these blocks snap together. The blocks perfectly illustrate concepts like addition, grouping, subtraction, counting, patterns, and the list goes on!

hand2mind Take Home Math Manipulatives Kit for Kids

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Hand2mind’s Manipulatives Kit for Kids is a math kit that comes with 10 blocks, angles, circles, color tiles, and more. Ideal for older students who are learning fractions, geometry, division, multiplication, etc., this kit is an important tool for all at-home learners.