Have a Laugh With These Cheeky Dish Towels

How Bout Some Shut the Fucupcakes

Cute & Crude
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This dish towel is the ultimate cheeky household item. It's the perfect mix of cute and crude—and it'll inevitably give you and your house guests (once that's a thing again) a chuckle. If you love cursing and cupcakes, this is the dish towel for you.

Don't go Bacon My Heart and I Couldn't if I Fried Funny Saying Kitchen Tea Towel

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Even my vegan self can't help but loving this set of dish towels. Once again, we've got another situation where these cheeky towels have forever changed how I hear a song. Though this time, of course, it's Elton John's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (with the lovely Kiki Dee).

I Love You From My Head Tomatoes Flour Sack Dish Towel

Quirky Romance
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The puns just don't quit with this adorable dish towel. Got a S/O with a spunky, punny sense of humor? This towel's a good bet of something that'll put a smile on their face.

This is How We Brew it Baby French Press Coffee Microfiber Kitchen Bar Towel

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If you're a coffee lover (who isn't??), this coffee-themed dish towel might be just the thing. The perfect gift for the cup o' joe-obsessed. "This is how we brew it, baby" is now and forever how I will sing Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It."

Haulin' Ass, Vintage Truck Donkey Farm Flour Sack Cotton Tea Towel

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It might take a second for folks to understand why you have a towel with a truck, a donkey, and the word "Haulin'" on it—but once they do, there's sure to be a giggle. For the right kind of sense of humor, this is a great addition to the kitchen.

Funny Wine Beer Water Saying Microfiber Kitchen Bar Towel

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For the booze-lovers out there, this is a towel made in heaven. Gift this as a gift to your "oenophile" (lover of wine) or "cervisaphile" (lover of beer) friends. Or add it to your own dish towel collection!

Hooker on the Weekend Funny Fishing Flour Sack Cotton Tea Towel

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We all have that friend or family member who would find this dish towel downright hilarious. Maybe it's our punny grandpa or humorous coworker. Whoever it is, this is just the right gift for any of our fishing or pun-loving loved ones.

Mother Clucker/Cock Sucker Rooster Chicken Funny Rustic Farm Microfiber Kitchen Towel

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For those who have kiddos around, this towel is probably a big no-no. There might be some uncomfortable questions that arise out of it once the kids start wondering what a rooster and a lollipop have to do with each other. But for the childless households, this is a good, if slightly raunchy, dish towel set gift.

Don't be a Twatwaffle Funny Kitchen Tea Bar Towel

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"Twatwaffle" is an entirely new insult to me—but I already kinda love it. For a little breakfast-themed, snarky humor, gift this tea towel to yourself or to a friend who will similarly appreciate the "twatwaffle" insult.

Surround Yourself with Tacos Not Negativity Kitchen Bar Tea Towel

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I think we can all agree that tacos are one of the best food groups out there. Okay, okay, not quite a food group—but they might as well be. For anyone out there who would choose tacos over negativity every day of the week, we present the perfect addition to the tastiest room in the house.

Let That Shiitake Go, Mushroom Pun, Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

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Got any zen yet slightly profane friends? We've found just the right gift. This mushroom-themed, just a tidge crude, and just the right amount of zen dish towel is a funny twist on the boring old tea towels we're all used to.

Don't Be a Cuntasaurus, Adult Dinosaur Funny Kitchen Tea Bar Towel

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This is another not quite family friendly household item. But at least we've found our new favorite kind of dinosaur.

Cup of Fuckoffee Funny Unicorn Microfiber Kitchen Tea Bar Towel

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Unicorns, coffee, profanity, and cheeky humor? Yes, please. This feels like just the right gift for the friends or family of ours who are grumpy as all heck every morning, until they're a few coffee cups in.

If Life Hands you Lemons Grab the Vodka and Call the Girls Kitchen Tea Towel

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Looking for a gift to give your girl friends? Here it is. Cute, fun, sassy—and a good reminder that when life gets tough, the best thing for the soul is a girls' night.

I Only Have Fries for You Cute Kitchen Towel

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Are you that couple who can't decide if you love food or each other more? Here's a funny but romantic-in-a-weird-way gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, partner, significant other...you get the picture.

How Do I Like My Eggs? Umm In A Cake

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Obviously the best way to eat eggs.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

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Cheese-lovers, we found the perfect dishtowel for you.

RuPaul Kitchen Towel

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Only fans of RuPaul's Drag Race will get it.

You Look Grate Today

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By the way, you look grate today!

Jeffrey Dahmer Funny Dish Towel

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For the true crime fan who can't help but blurt out serial killer facts, we present this hand towel sporting cannibalism humor.

Punny Dishtowels

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Omigod, what if Alexa really could do the dishes? Fingers crossed it happens in our lifetime!

Domestic AF Flour Sack Towel Set

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Perfect for a housewarming or hostess gift (or to add to your own collection), these standard-sized (28 X 29in) flour sack towels are 100% cotton. Choose from three phrases: "Domestic AF," "Excuse the mess, I’m a shit housewife," or "Be more like coffee." Buy two for $20 or all three for $28.95! There's a matching apron, too!

Retro and Vintage Housewife

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How about a big bowl of I don't give a shit? Lol. These vulgar/hilarious vintage housewife dishtowels are 16x24".

More Retro Sassy Dishtowels

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If you're into sassy vintage housewives, you'll love these hilarious dishtowels. Our fave is "I love drunk me, but I don't trust that b*tch."

BrightandBoldGifts Funny Dishtowels

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Choose from nine funny phrases on these 16x24" microfiber waffle weave kitchen towels.