Vanesa Amaro: The Cleaning Influencer You Need to Follow

Mr. Clean Freak Deep Cleaning Mist Multi-Surface Spray Lavender Bundle, 1 Starter + 1 Refill

Freaky Clean
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"Mr. Clean gets rid of grease and grime and dirt in just a minute. Mr. Clean is stronger longer 'cause there's ultra power in it. Mr. Cleeeeaaan." I inexplicably remember that jingle from childhood, but the words ring true with this lavender-scented deep-cleaning mist.

In addition to getting countertops, bathtubs, stainless steel, etc., freaky clean, it has an extended spray. What does that mean? Instead of pumping a bajillion times, one trigger pull lets out a continuous spray so you can coat your whole sink (or whatever your cleaning) in one fell swoop. This comes with a refill—and trust us—you'll want it!

Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray Starter Kit, Dish Soap, Fresh Scent Bundle, 1 Starter Kit plus 1 Refill

continuous spray ftw
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Um, have y'all tried Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray yet? Because it freakin' rocks, dude. You know when stuff is super greasy, you just let it soak overnight in Dawn? Grease doesn't stand a chance against this super spray. Simply spray, wipe, and rinse.

My dad recently sent me his deep fryer. While I was psyched to have inherited a $300 piece of equipment, I was not looking forward to elbow-greasing a decade's worth of grease away. With Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, I got it shining like new!

This bottle also has the long-overdue continuous spray feature. Oh, and you don't have to pre-rinse your dishes! The directions are "spray, wipe, and rinse." It works great for cleaning waterbottles, when a drop of dishsoap is inevitably too much and you end up rinsing for an eternity. Speaking of which, this OXO bottle brush is a godsend.

Scrub Daddy, Scrub Mommy - Dye Free, Dual Sided Sponge & Scrubber

a smell-free sponge?!
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Vanesa is a Scrub Daddy ambassador, but the relationship evolved out of her natural enthusiasm for the product. You can see why. First of all, it's temperature controlled! FlexTexture® makes the sponge stay firm when you use cold water, and soft when you use warm water. The Scrub Mommy is dual-sided: One side of the scratch-free sponge is made of the more course FlexTexture®, while the other softer side is made of ResoFoam®.

Like most sponges, you can toss it in the dishwasher to sanitize. But, have you ever met a sponge that was smell-resistant? That could be why these scratch-free scour pads scored big on Shark Tank. Plus, who wouldn't love a sponge that smiles back at you?

Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner

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In addition to showing you what products she uses for cleaning her client's houses, Vanesa also does Amazon product reviews. You've probably seen this Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner before and thought, why would I buy this instead of using my nuking vinegar and water in a bowl trick? Because she's cute, that's why! Cleaning the microwave sucks, so we'll take anything to try to inject a little fun into it.

Plus, she works like a charm. Simply fill with vinegar and water, microwave for 5-7 minutes, then wipe the gunk out with your Scrub Daddy sponge!

Trycooling Hand-held Groove Gap Cleaning Tools Door Window Track Kitchen Cleaning Brushes

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This skinny brush not what it looks like it's for. Sure, your window tracks may never have been cleaned, so go ahead and order a few for that purpose. But one of the things cleaning guru Vanesa Amaro uses these narrow brushes for is to clean the crevice where your toilet and bathtub meet the floor.

This skinny brush is the perfect size for scrubbing dirt out of hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. In the words of one of my besties, "My house is way cleaner now that I started using brushes." Amen, girlfriend!

By the way, one of Vanesa's tips is to unscrew the bolts and take your toilet seat completely off in order to get the area around where it attaches clean. It's nasty under there, guys!

TaoTronics UV Black Light

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Speaking of how dirty your toilet is, this blacklight will show you exactly how much pee is ALL OVER your toilet bowl.

For those with pets who occasionally go potty indoors, it can also help you detect exactly where that urine smell is coming from.

Microfiber Cloths

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Nothing new here, just reminding you to restock on microfiber towels. Vanesa uses them for mirrors, windows, and stainless steel.

Sprayway, Glass Cleaner, 19 Oz Cans, Pack of 2

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Speaking of window and mirror cleaning, Vanesa recommends this spray. As long as you're using this with your dry microfiber towels on an overcast day, you'll end up with a streak-free surface. Why wait until it's overcast to wash your windows? Because "direct sunlight can cause your cleaner to dry and evaporate before you can properly wash it away, leading to streaks that are tough to buff out." That's a Bob Villa tip.

Rain-X 5071268 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent, 23 oz.

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Vanesa has a crazy way of cleaning windows outdoors. She recommends rinsing with a hose, scrubbing down with soapy water and a sponge, rinsing with the hose, then going over with a microfiber cloth and RainX. Supposedly it helps keep them cleaner longer. I went ahead and got some because I figure it's worth a shot!

OXO Good Grips Dish Brush

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This isn't what it looks like it's for either. Yes, OXO makes a helluva dish brush and I highly recommend adding it to your dishwashing arsenal if you don't already own one.

However, Vanesa recommends getting one for your bathroom, too. In her correct way to clean a sink video, the TikToker uses an OXO dish brush to scrub where the faucet meets the sink. Total game-changer!

These are just some of the cleaning pro's tips. She also has a ton of great organization and building material recommendations. Follow her on TikTok at vaneamaro91 (she also has a Spanish-speaking account under vanesaamaro1) or Instagram @amaroscleaning to go down your own squeaky clean rabbit hole.

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