Eggscellent Decor Ideas to Make Your Easter the Hoppiest One Ever

Fabric Carrots

Cute Carrots
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Looking for a way to decorate your side tables or nightstands? Look no further than these adorable fabric carrots! Crafted from vintage chenille cotton and raffia, these carrots are an adorable way to add some tasteful Easter accents that aren’t overbearing and aren’t overpowered by other decor items.

Just make sure they stay out of Fido’s would be very easy for these adorable stuffed carrots to quickly become your puppy’s favorite chew toy if given the chance.

Decorative Easter Eggs

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Not all Easter eggs are meant to be hidden, you know? Beautifully decorative, these hand-painted Easter eggs are virtually unbreakable. So, if you’re looking for a cute way to display Easter eggs, but are concerned about kiddos making a mess...these are your answer! Just make sure to let your family members know that they are not edible before they try to dig in, alright?

Easter Eggs Stem Easter Tree

Eggcellent centerpiece
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This beautiful bouquet would make an eggcellent addition to any Easter table.

Easter Doormat

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If April showers bring May flowers, a lot of mud and grime can be expected in the months leading up to April. Protect the inside of your home, and establish a warm welcome to your guests, by placing a cute Easter doormat just outside your front door.

This adorable doormat, made out of coir and coconut fibers, lets guests know that “Every bunny is welcome” as they step into your home. There’s no better way to welcome guests into your home for a fun-filled day of food, games, and more!

Wooden Bunny

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This classy wooden bunny is the perfect piece of decor for anybody with a farmhouse or rustic style. This wooden bunny is meant to be left outdoors, with the intent of greeting visitors and guests alike with an abundance of Easter spirit.

Easter Bunny Wreath

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Hanging a custom wreath on your door before a holiday is a great way to let your guests know that they should get in the holiday spirit as soon as they arrive. Choose from 68 different bow colors to adorn this grapevine wreath bunny.

Hanging with my Peeps T-Shirts

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What better way to start off your Easter gathering than by opening the door wearing a festive t-shirt? We love this Hanging with my Peeps t-shirt because it’s adorable and punny. Don’t be surprised if you get a ton of compliments on this outfit!

Easter Bunny Coasters

Funny Bunny Booty
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Big coffee or tea drinkers in your family? Then, you have to get these adorable Easter bunny butt coasters. Yes, we just said butt coasters. Made out of acrylic yarn, these handcrafted coasters are sure to be a hilarious conversation ifs, ands, or butts about it!

Floral Bunny Pillow Cover

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If you’re a throw pillow queen like we are, switch out your regular throw pillow covers for themed pillow covers. We’re particular to this specific pillow color, because it pays homage to Easter, but in a discreet and tasteful way. You may find that some of your guests might not even notice that they’re sitting on a bunny-themed pillow until you point it out!

Easter Candle

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This cute, Easter-themed soy wax candle comes in a baby powder scent. It would be a great gift for a roommate, significant other, or a cherished family member.

If you’ve never hosted Easter at your house before, now you have good reason to do so! Time to fill up your Etsy shopping cart and get your place decorated for the hoppiest holiday of the year. Between the pillows, centerpieces, and signs, your guests will have no doubt about who is the best Easter host of them all. You can do it, peeps!

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