Japanese McDonald's locations are making dreams come true for Nutella lovers throughout the country. The fast-food chain is launching its new Premium Sankaku [Triangle] Choco Pie, flaky triangle pastries with gooey chocolate and hazelnut filling.

The new dessert launched nationwide last week and costs 120 Japanese yen, which converts to $1.10 USD, and hopefully, there won't be any riots over the super low cost of this hazelnut product, like there were in France.

This isn't the first good news Japanese chocolate lovers have received this month. Nestle just announced a new flavor of KitKat bar, "KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby," made from the brand new ruby chocolate. Starbucks is making a limited millennial pink latte, made from fruity tea and a white chocolate pump.

I think the biggest question here is, why the heck is Japan getting all the good food? Why confine these mouth-watering gooey Nutella pastries and not share them with the world? We like Nutella and pink coffee, too!

According to people on social media, the Premium Sankaku [Triangle] Choco Pie tastes as good as it sounds. One customer wrote a blog post comparing the new snack with McDonald's regular triangle pie and determined that the hazelnut and chocolate taste can't be beat, The Independent reports.

Brb, moving to Japan for the desserts.

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