One food outlet is serving a dish that is so decadent even King Midas would drool over it.

Ray's and Stark Bar, located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has a secret menu item called gold pizza, which is covered in glittery, edible gold flakes.

If you know, you know. Stay tuned on @foodbeast! Yes, that's a Gold Pizza.?????

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The dish was created by executive chef Fernando Darin and isn't your traditional pizza pie, and the shimmering gold color is not the only aspect that makes the food so dignified. Along with the gold flakes sprinkled on top of the pizza, a main ingredient is Sottocenere, which is a truffled cheese from Italy, and burrata, Italian buffalo milk cheese.

It's probably the fanciest pizza you'll ever eat, which is exactly what Darin was going for. According to Foodbeast, he wanted to take something simple and make it "chic and luxurious." So he created pizza fit for royalty.

"It was a kind of gooey and melty that was luxurious," Richard Guinto, managing editor of Foodbeast, told the outlet. "I immediately knew my tongue was in the driver's seat of a Rolls Royce with this special kind of cheese pizza."

Ray's and Stark Bar specializes in global cuisine inspired by arts and culture, according to its website. It's part of the Patina Restaurant Group, which has locations in New York and New Jersey as well.

This pizza is so extra, but the perfect secret menu item if you're looking to indulge yourself on your artsy day out.

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