The pop-up restaurant and bar fad is continuing with a Saved By The Bell-themed diner, Saved By The Max, that is in the works for Los Angeles.

Pop-ups are temporary restaurants or bars that have taken off in the U.S. in recent years. Last year, a Game of Thrones pop-up bar opened in D.C., a Breaking Bad-inspired bar based in an RV rolled through New York, and rapper Eminem opened a pop-up restaurant called Mom's Spaghetti in his hometown Detroit.

Saved By The Max isn't new. It first appeared in Chicago in June 2016 and closed one year later.

"Our whole idea in putting this together was a nostalgia overload," Derek Berry, the pop-up's co-founder, told Eater. "I hope we nailed it."

Now, after nearly a year since it closed its doors in the Windy City, Saved By The Max is being revived in West Hollywood. It will open May 1 and tickets go on sale Feb. 2.

The pop-up is based on The Max diner, a popular hangout for the characters of the '90s comedy show Saved by the Bell. It's filled with bright colors and neon lights and makes patrons feel like they've stepped through their TV screens and into their favorite nostalgic show.

Diner Realness ??

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Although the Los Angeles pop-up menu is TBA, the Chicago location served a plethora of burgers, sliders and sundaes. Unlike the show it's based on, the Chicago joint even served booze for its original fans, who are now all grown up.

A huge back-up is expected, so if you're a Saved By The Bell fan, be sure to get your tickets quickly and sprint to Santa Monica Blvd.

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