The elaborate wedding cake is a classic part of marriage celebrations all over the world. Guests love to stand in awe of the beautifully decorated cake, and the cake-cutting ceremony is a staple in wedding tradition. But increasingly these days, the cake itself is not for everyone. Between dietary restrictions and people who just aren't too fond of dessert, some couples are opting to cut into a tower made of cheese instead of cake.

Like traditional wedding cakes, this latest twist is stacked with tiers of different cheeses, allowing for some variance in color and texture. Worried about sacrificing style? Not a problem! Cheese wheel wedding "cakes" can be decorated much like their baked counterparts, with flowers and the ever-important bride and groom topper. For the most part, they can accommodate all the same wedding aesthetics as traditional cakes - some go for a more rustic look, some are downright fun (with mice running up and down the tower!), while others keep it elegant and sophisticated.

Now you might be wondering if couples who opt for a cheese wheel wedding cake miss out on the cake cutting ceremony. Apparently not! According to Shannon Berry, Special Events Manager at Fromagination cheese shop in Wisconsin, cheese wheel cakes are usually topped with a soft cheese (for example, brie) so the newlyweds still get to participate and guests still get to take their pictures.

For those with a sweet tooth, sweeter cheeses like Wensleydale and soft-ripened goat cheese can make up for the lack of icing sugar and buttercream.

And don't worry, after a slice is cut, guests don't stand around eating wedges of cheese by the forkful like they would cake. Instead, the wheels of cheese are sliced and distributed among multiple cheese boards, along with all kinds of fruits, charcuterie, crackers, and jams for guests to build their own cheese plates.

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