John Miller, chairman and CEO of Cali Group, announced that restaurant will now be introducing kiosks into their restaurant chain which will allow consumers to pay for their meals using facial recognition.

Cali Group, a company dedicated to bringing new technology to restaurants, introduced the kiosks on January 30 at their restaurant chain, CaliBurger. The kiosks work by allowing customers to smile at the screen, enter the three-digit CVV code on their credit card, and pay for their meal. A large part of what CaliBurger does is serve as the stepping stone for new technologies before they're introduced to other restaurants.

Miller also addressed labor costs in America and stated that by introducing a self-serving kiosk with facial recognition, customers will have an easier time ordering thereby making the experience more efficient and reducing labor costs. The technology also allows customers to log into the loyalty program.

He added that when the technology was first being introduced, the company tried through a variety of different platforms and "the most effective, accurate, and fastest technology was the NEC system and when we finally went to market we were very confident that this was a solution that would work perfectly."

As of right now, the kiosk is available in the Pasadena CA location. Miller's goal is to welcome the technology in their global restaurants in the next 12 months. "The Seattle area, Maryland, and DC, and then we'll move abroad," he said. CaliBurger currently owns nine locations across the United States.

"These face-based technologies allow us to see our customers in the offline world like Amazon sees their customers in the online world," Miller also said. "That allows us to create tailored experiences for the customer and also allows us to directly target that customer in new ways when they come back to the restaurants."

CaliBurger currently has locations all over the globe including Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, and the Philippines. They are also planning to introduce two new locations in Canada.

Be sure to stretch those face muscles because it looks like a facial recognition kiosk is coming to you soon. This is future, kids.

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