Oh, you thought your life was complete before? Did you know that deep-fried Oreo pizza was a thing? Didn't think so. Whether your reaction is to immediately google the whereabouts of such an obvious delight or to recoil in horror at the thought of an Oreo/cheese combo, we've got you and your morbid curiosity covered.

Introducing the latest edible Instagram star from Krave It, a sandwich shop and restaurant in Queens, New York.

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You probably have many questions. Is it a meal? Is it a dessert? Are the Oreos deep-fried and put on the pizza? Is the pizza dough itself deep-fried and topped with Oreos? Are the Oreos put on the pizza and then the whole thing is deep-fried? Hang tight, for your urgent questions will be answered in good time.

The first step in creating this truly American delicacy is covering Oreos with batter. Next, the heroes at Krave It deep fry those Oreos and crumple up more Oreos on the side. (Are you excited yet?) Then they cut the battered Oreo balls in half and place everything on pizza dough covered with cheese. It all gets baked together, complete with deep-fried Oreos, crumbled Oreo pieces, and some powdered sugar for good measure.

The result is a sweet but cheesy, bready but crunchy, meal and dessert combination that must be experienced to be believed.

And how much will it set you back? The 18-inch size sells for a mere $30, while the 12-inch version (for cowards) is only $20. Looking to add even more? Not a problem! You can still add all kinds of other toppings to your dessert pizza; like steak, corn, Brussels sprouts, olives, Doritos, cilantro, and of course, pineapple, if you're feeling especially adventurous.

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For dessert, they also offer deep-fried Oreos for $6, if by the time you leave you haven't had your fill of battered Oreo-y goodness.

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