The biggest burger in Europe is not only physically larger than the human stomach... it's twice the size of a HUMAN HEAD. Introducing "The Beast", a hamburger so huge you have to break it up into wedges and slice pieces off just to hold it. Not to mention that The Beast is literally too tall for a human mouth to bite into.

The Beast comes from Blacks Burgers, located in Epsom in Surrey, U.K., a restaurant owned by a father and son team that set out on a mission to make the biggest burger in Europe. The Beast is the main attraction in The Beast Burger Challenge, a race to consume the giant burger, a slab of fries the size of the frying basket, and a milkshake of your choice in ONLY AN HOUR.

Shockingly, twitter users didn't seem fazed:

The Beast is so massive, it's equivalent to the size of 35 regular burgers! Which isn't surprising, since the base of the burger alone is 2 meat patties that weigh in at 2.2 pounds. Each patty is the size of a small pizza, and has to be turned over on the grill with a sheet of metal instead of a common spatula.

The patties aren't the only mindblowingly huge part of The Beast burger. The ginormous buns Blacks Burgers makes from scratch are the equivalent of 3 loaves of bread, and the burger itself is topped with 40 slices of American cheese, 20 strips of bacon, an entire head of lettuce, overlapping tomato slices and red onions, burger sauce, and a blanket of caramelized onions.

While some twitter users were ready to take it on, others responded with the appropriate fear:

An ex-professional boxer - who used to consume 6000 calories a day - tried The Beast Burger Challenge on for size and could barely get through a quarter of the meal. Even the workers at Blacks Burgers don't think the challenge is humanly possible.

Now just think - if this is Europe's biggest burger... how big is the biggest burger in the world?!

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