If you thought clear pumpkin pie was strange, now there is another see-through rendition of a popular food: "glass" potato chips. But don't worry, the chips are obviously not actually made of glass and your gums will not be hurt upon consumption.

Despite their clear appearance, these chips are made from potatoes like normal, but with some extra manipulation. The process has been made famous by Barry Lewis on his blog My Virgin Kitchen. Though making these clear chips seems like a daunting process, the method is relatively simple, though it has a lot of steps.

Basically, you bake potatoes, let them soak in water, strain the water, turn them into a gel-like substance, bake them for eight hours and fry them.

It's a really bizarre food, and looks even more bizarre as it's prepared. Especially when it's in the gel state.

My Virgin Kitchen is a food blog run by Lewis. He began his blog after trying to make a poached egg on toast. Before that fateful day, he had never really cooked before and most of the kitchen duties fell on his partner, known as "Mrs. Barry" in his videos. But since recording himself making that first recipe, he has gained over 680,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel and published his own cookbook called "Dinner's On!"

Interested in making clear chips of your own? Lewis has listed the steps on his website. And if you're more of a visual learner, watch Lewis go through the process below on his Youtube channel:

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