In the ultimate betrayal of our time, it turns out the Krispy Kreme donut empire has been bestowing exclusive delicious treats on other countries behind our back.

popcorn up close

For months, Krispy Kreme in the United Kingdom has been selling their own popcorn brand... basically in secret. And it gets worse - the popcorn is actually donut glaze flavored and gluten-free. In traditional Krispy Kreme fashion, even the packaging is super cute and scrumptious. The popcorn comes in a puffy, green bag with white dots and an arrow pointing to a delicious-looking donut, bragging that the popcorn within tastes like Krispy Kreme's famous donuts.

The U.K. Krispy Kreme website is hurtfully flippant about it too: "AVAILABLE IN ALL KRISPY KREME STORES SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY" That's right. All stores. So anyone in the U.K. can just walk right into a Krispy Kreme, get a donut, a coffee, and a bag of popcorn?! Why would Krispy Kreme do us like that in the U.S.?!

It doesn't even look like you can order the popcorn online... so it's not like we can sneak them into the U.S. that way. Considering Krispy Kreme is an American company, you'd think they'd have some loyalty to the nation that's made them what they are today, and give us first access to any new snack hybrids they're cooking up.

krispy kreme donut box

While we're super bummed we can't just walk into any Krispy Kreme store tomorrow and pick up a bag of donut-y popcorn, there's at least one other option for those of us looking for a bite-sized donut-flavored snack. Krispy Kreme partnered up with Jelly Belly last year to start selling Krispy Kreme flavored jellybeans. Flavors such as Original Glazed, Cinnamon Apple Filled, Strawberry Iced, Glazed Blueberry Cake, and Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles are available for sale in big boxes and smaller bags.

So, slight consolation prize. But maybe if we raise enough fuss they'll let our continent give the popcorn a try?

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