Picture this: It's a sunny Saturday morning in the middle of the Summer and you're prepping for an epic boozy brunch with your squad. You're already a drink or two deep, you're dressed according to the theme, and you've purposely limited your caloric intake prior to drinking just to play it safe...

Your ride safely gets you to your designated alc-house, but upon reading the menu, you discover the bar has committed the ugliest sin in all of brunchery: no mimosas. Luckily, you'll never have to actually experience such a heart-attack-inducing occurrence, because a company just created a (seemingly) bottomless mimosa glass to make sure you're always prepared.

Newest Member Of The Brunch Crew

Though not exactly bottomless, this personal bottomless mimosa glass is as close as it gets without a guaranteed trip to the hospital before noon. It holds nearly 32 fluid ounces of your favorite orange juice/champagne concoction, or really any beverage combo you fancy. That's a whopping eight glasses of the usually four-ounce champagne flute with the happy juice from your local brunch spot. Depending on which side of the bottle you prefer (more champ or more OJ), the capacity of the glass is very inviting for those who want to cater each brunch experience differently.

Now, bringing your personal bottomless mimosa glass with you to your brunch location may be a little risky. Fellow brunch patrons will either get too jealous of your clearly superior brunch intellect or bar staff will have to escort you off the premises (unless the brunch spot is BYO... in which case, SCORE!)

More Where That Came From

Abs are nice, but have you tried #donuts? ???? . . . . [email protected]

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BigMouth Inc. is among several companies today like Barstool Sports and Spencers that sell a bunch of different novelty drinking glasses and accessories from elaborate beer koozies to giant coffee mugs. The company even sells small drink floaties and inflatable drink boats, so you never have to leave the pool for anything. Talk about an endless summer!

The glass is available directly from Big Mouth Inc.'s website, but brunch enthusiasts can easily find the glasses from retailers like Kohl's, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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