Though simple syrup is seen as something often only added to cocktails, it's much more versatile than people might think. Simple syrup is a basic recipe that not only requires only two ingredients but can also be used for a variety of things. You can also an assortment of different flavors and apply simple syrup to a bunch of different dishes.

So, get those saucepans ready because we're going to teach you how to make simple syrup!

sugar and sugar cubes

What You'll Need

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of sugar


  • Combine the sugar and water in a medium saucepan over medium heat.
  • Bring the ingredients to a boil. Stir the mixture consistently and keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is clear.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool completely.

That's it! Just remember that one cup of sugar and one cup of water isn't going to yield two cups of simple syrup. Realistically, you'll get about a cup and a half from these quantities, so just keep that in mind if you're looking to make more.

You can store your simple syrup in the refrigerator for up to a month, but if you flavor it with something then you should get to it no later than two weeks after making it.

Spice Up Your Life

Feel free to flavor your simple syrup to make it more versatile. You can add a selection of things to simple syrup to give them some flavoring, such as lemongrass, rosemary, rose petals, or mint leaves.

When you get creative with your simple syrups you can do a whole bunch of things with it. Instead of just using them for cocktails, you can use it on top of desserts like cake, berries, or you can even drizzle it into additional drinks like coffee, lemonade, or tea. Simple syrup is most often used in cocktails though, like the whiskey sour, tom collins, or a mojito.

simple syrup

You can no doubt add more to your drinks at home with this simple add-on. Simple syrup takes no time to make and it's a great way to add a little something extra to your drinks or desserts!

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