Who's your favorite rapper? Childish Gambino? Chance The Rapper? Kanye? Or... Wendy's?

In recent years, the brand has become known for more than its Baconators and Frosties. Wendy's has gained notoriety for its hilarious online presence of antagonizing other fast food chains and making jokes. But now the company has gone beyond their Twitter account and launched its first-ever EP late last week.

The album, called "We Beefin?" contains five songs -- "Twitter Fingers," "Holding It Down," "Rest In Grease," "Clownin," and "4 for 4$." It was released on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

The EP's songs boast about Wendy's superior flavor and products -- other chains just can't compare. "Wendy's leave them all without a sound/This ain't no cakewalk, we run the town for many miles," the singer ("Wendy") spits on "Holding It Down."

In "Rest In Grease," the lyrics dig into McDonald's with lines like, "Them lil tweets don't phase me, McDonalds be so lazy/I know the reason you hatin' me 'cause I'm fast food's First Lady/It's Queen Wendy up in this thang."

But parental advisory is suggested -- the diss-filled EP is quite raunchy.

Twitter, obviously, was lit. But not everyone had the same thoughts about the album drop.

Twitter user @EPiCIsha posted, "Wendy's was doing just fine with 'beef tweets.' A profane mixtape brings the brand to a new low. It's cheap fast food and, in the grand scheme of burgers that taste good, Wendy's lags behind #BurgerKing Both brands lag far behind #InandOut in quality. Spend money on food vs trash."

But haters gon' hate, and others were HERE. FOR. IT.

Will McDonald's release a response track? Is this going to be the greatest music industry beef since Taylor Swift and Kanye? Only time will tell.

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