The year is 2018. Sliced cheese has become a mainstay of the burger game. However, burger-eating is still a messy game, and the fellas at Ketchup Inc. have decided we need to clean things up.

Introducting: the ketchup slice! reported on the next big trend in cooking condiments, the ketchup slice. Slice of Sauce(tm) has started a Kickstart campaign for an all-natural, no mess pack of ketchup slices, 8 slices a pack. The Kickstarter had a goal of $15,000 and with pie charts and their research readily available, these guys mean business!

Our packaging is here! Special thanks to our talented designer @lesliesamkim!

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Slice of Sauce(tm) began when the founder Emily Williams was working with some old family recipes. A recipe for an old barbecue sauce that had a ketchup base called for the braising of multiple vegetables. Rather than discarding the vegetables after cooking, Williams mixed them, ground them, and then dried them to see what the results would be, and just like that, the Slice of Sauce was born.

Williams and her team found that most condiments contain loads of preservatives and high-fructose corn syrup. To stand out, they are focusing on using healthy ingredients to make these ketchup slices straight from scratch. The ketchup slices will have 8 slices per pack, heavily advertised as "mess-free", and they can be kept at room temperature, so you don't need to worry about a decrease of quality when it's not in the fridge.

Their biggest goal through their Kickstarter is to make healthy ketchup slices commercially available in stores. They want to make a clean, well-packaged ketchup slice pack that is superior to any alternative, as well as an ideal choice over factory-manufactured bottled ketchup.

Slice of Sauce's Kickstarter page had a goal of $15,000, which was easily surpassed, and is currently sitting at over $22,000. The money will primarily go to renting the proper equipment to make the slices and labor, for they'll need a small team of dedicated craftsmen to make sure each slice is as high quality as possible.

As the project has picked up steam, people were quick to take to Twitter to voice their opinions:

Soon, every condiment will come in slice form and then we will move on to making the meat, buns, and every other possible topping into slice form as well. Someday, entire burgers will come in slices. Until then, enjoy your Sloppy Joe's!

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