Blenders are a necessary tool for your kitchen if you want to make exquisite cuisine. They allow you to make smoothies a staple of your diet, as well as giving you the options to make your own sauces, juices, purees and just diversify your daily meals. While there's technically only two versions of blenders -- immersion blenders and countertop blenders -- the various types of both of these blenders allow for a lot of customization in your kitchen. It's important to know what the strengths of each individual blender are before making a purchase and finding the right ones for your lifestyle!

Immersion Blenders

Also known as "hand blenders" or "stick blenders", immersion blenders are perfect for crowded kitchens and working on smaller dishes. Rather than lug out a giant machine to make a small batch of mayo or puree a little bit of sauce, immersion blenders do the job just as well while being less of a hassle to work with and clean up afterward.

Single-Attachment Hand Blenders

a single attachment hand blender

Easy to handle, easy to clean and most importantly -- it's very cheap. Single-attachment hand blenders generally only offer one to two speeds and one attachment, and their durability and stability aren't the best. If you just want to blitz up a quick smoothie in the morning and don't want to spend the time scrubbing lots of attachments and dishes, a single-attachment hand blender will be good on your wallet and your schedule. If you plan on doing some heavy-duty blending, it's recommended to get a stronger, more diverse product. The Cuisinart Smart Stick is a great start for a simple hand blender.

Multiple-attachment hand blenders.

multi attachment hand blender with jug

The shape and handle of a multi-attachment hand blender are very similar to the single-attachment hand blender but it offers a variety of speeds and parts to diversify your kitchen life! They often come with food chopping and whisking attachments which make these immersion blenders a must-have when baking or making sauces. The Breville is one of the more popular models of efficient hand blenders.

Battery-operated hand blenders

a battery operated hand blender with glass and jug

These hand blenders can be game-changers if your kitchen outlets are not in the best spots or you don't want cords to become a health hazard. Battery-operated hand blenders are heavier to use than the plug-in varieties but the trade-off of being able to work anywhere in the kitchen is invaluable. The batteries in these products are rechargeable but they don't have the longest lifespan, so make sure to plug them in a good while before using! This product from Braun offers an incredibly powerful and fast-charging hand blender.

Countertop Blenders

Also known as "jug blenders" these tools are incredibly powerful and offer a wide variety of options when blending. You can work with much larger quantities and blend a lot faster than you would with a hand blender, although the bigger machine takes up more space in your kitchen and it can be a bit more of a hassle to clean. If you're one who enjoys making everything from scratch, including sauces, smoothies, and condiments, a good countertop blender is necessary for your home.

Small Personal Blenders

a personal blender used for juices and smoothies

Ideal for making quick smoothies and milkshakes, these blenders are cheap to make and as such, they are the cheapest option on the market. They are effective at blending fruits and softer vegetables but the cheap materials mean it shouldn't be used when working with thicker foods or blending large amounts of food. If you're just looking for a product that can make you that morning smoothie, a small personal blender is the choice for you. The Dastan Small Personal Blender Bottle is especially good for those who want to make smoothies quickly and even on the go.

Conventional Countertop Blenders

a traditional countertop blender

A conventional countertop blender is the perfect in-between choice if you want something a little bigger and more powerful than a personal blender but don't want to throw the money to purchase a heavy duty blender. Conventional blenders offer a few more options for blending than smaller varieties and it boasts a larger jug, meaning you can work with much more food. These conventional blenders can crush ice effectively without ruining the blade, making them a must-have if you enjoy smoothies, milkshakes, and cocktails. BLACK+DECKER offers a blender with a wide variety of speed and cutting options while having a very reasonable cost.

Heavy Duty Jug Blenders

a vitamix heavy duty jug blender

If you want to make everything you eat from scratch, you'll need a heavy duty jug blender. On top of being able to yield more than any other type of blender and the varying speed options available, it has a plethora of uses such as blending, chopping, grinding, puree, dice, and crush. The pulsing option allows you to effectively make more intricate sauces and your own pasta dough. You won't be limited by the ingredients or the amounts used since the machine's power allows it to blend through anything quickly and efficiently. The only downside to these heavy-duty blenders is the cost -- the Vitamix 5200, which is one of the higher quality blenders, runs well over $400.

Find The Right Blender For You

When choosing a blender for your home, it's very important to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you want to use a blender for?
  • How much space do you have in your kitchen?
  • What's your budget?

If you just want something simple for breakfast smoothies or milkshakes, the cheaper immersion blenders or personal countertop blenders would be perfect. If you think you might want to expand your cooking horizons, it could be worth investing in a more heavy duty jug blender. Find out what your needs are and select a blender that best fits your need -- it will definitely be worth every penny.

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