We've heard about garbanzo beans and chickpeas sharing similarities with each other. They look the same, they taste the same, and for years have people have wondered: are garbanzo beans chickpeas? Well, we're here to finally tell you the difference between the two so you can rest easy.

The Difference Between Garbanzo Beans And Chickpeas

a bowl of chickpeas

Simply put, the answer is nothing. These two are indeed one in the same. The only reason why they're sometimes referred to by different names is that "chickpeas" refers to the English name for the food while "garbanzo" is the Spanish name for them. But, they are in fact the same food.

Different Kinds Of Chickpeas

Now, just because garbanzo beans and chickpeas are the same thing doesn't mean that there aren't different types of chickpeas out there. There are two main types of chickpeas: Kabuli and Desi.

Kabuli chickpeas are relatively large in size, are beige throughout, and have a thin, smooth skin. Desi chickpeas, on the other hand, are smaller in size, have a rougher, darker skin, and are yellow on the inside. There are a variety of different colored chickpeas though, which range from green, red, black or brown. The ones you're most likely to find in the store are the beige ones.


Garbanzo beans come with a healthy amount of benefits such as being high in protein, containing tons of fiber, and even helping to stop cancer cells from any further growth. A 2004 study published findings that suggested garbanzo beans/chickpeas reduce clusters that form in the colon, which are the earliest sign of potential colon cancer development.

Chickpeas are also loaded with vitamins such as iron, zinc, and vitamin B6.

seasoned chickpeas

So on your next shopping journey be sure to reach for some chickpeas... or garbanzo beans. Your choice!

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