As summer approaches, so does barbecue season. To mix things up and not just rely on the same bottled barbecue sauces, try making your own with these simple recipes:

Classic BBQ Sauce

This basic, easy-to-make barbecue sauce is the classic blend of sweet and spicy. Whip it up in mere minutes for a delicious sauce that's perfect on any barbecued meat.

Kansas City-Style BBQ Sauce

Kansas City is a sweet, smoky and thick twist on classic barbecue sauce. This recipe for the Midwest's favorite sauce demands quite a bit more ingredients, but all you have to do is stir it all together and simmer it for 30 minutes until the flavors all blend beautifully together. This sauce goes great on slow-smoked meats such as ribs, pulled pork and burnt ends.

thick kansas city barbecue sauce in a cup with spoon

Carolina BBQ Sauce

One of the oldest sources of barbecue sauce, Carolina sauce is sweeter and tangy than the classic sauce. Just mix apple cider vinegar into a combination of the more common barbecue ingredients (ketchup, brown sugar, chili powder and Worcestershire sauce) and you have the perfect sauce of the south east.

Sweet And Spicy BBQ Sauce

This recipe also uses apple cider vinegar to create the sauce's sweet taste, along with cayenne pepper, chili powder and spicy brown mustard that gives it a strong, flavorful kick of heat. Take the deep red color as a warning for the spiciness of this barbecue sauce.

Honey BBQ Sauce

Molasses, lemon juice and honey combine to make this sauce extra sweet and tangy. The flavor of honey sauce, though still mildly spicy, tastes best when served with grilled chicken or pork.

barbecue sauce spread onto ribs on cutting board
Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Guinness BBQ Sauce

This recipe has all the common ingredients found in typical barbecue sauce -- ketchup, brown sugar, chili powder...and a bottle of Guinness. Spread the sauce on some ribs, chicken or pork for a St. Patrick's Day barbecue and chow down.

Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

Dr. Pepper goes great with barbecue... but what about in barbecue? This recipe calls for adding one can of the soda into the sauce mixture. It might seem strange, but it makes a delicious sauce that works well when poured over brisket.

Texas-Style BBQ Sauce

Texas is known for its special blend of sweet and spicy barbecue sauce to douse your pulled pork sandwich with. This recipe has only eight ingredients, takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to make and will keep in your fridge for up to three weeks.

red barbecue sauce on cutting board with brush and garlic
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Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

This sauce relies on a generous amount of brown sugar mixed into the recipe to create a strong molasses-like flavor. This brown sugar barbecue sauce is very sweet, but still spicy thanks to the chili powder, black pepper, paprika and other spices.

White BBQ Sauce

A staple of Alabama, this white barbecue sauce is easily distinguishable because of its color and spicy flavor. Among other ingredients, this recipe is made with mayonnaise, sugar, horseradish and spicy brown mustard for a strikingly unique and tangy flavor.

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