Marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate: the best combination of food since peanut butter and jelly. We could write a love letter to s'mores thanking the little treat for being our go-to around the campfire. As you toast your marshmallows over the fire and squeeze it between two graham crackers, the only thing running through your mind is nostalgia and how the day could possibly get any better. Lo and behold there is a way! Better your summer this year by upgrading your s'mores and making the timeless treat even greater.

graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate in front of a campfire

Up Your Marshmallow Game

Did you know that there are a few dozen kinds of marshmallow flavors out there just waiting to be used in your next snack? If you don't want to wait until Halloween to get your hands on a bag of pumpkin spice marshmallows there are always homemade flavors you can create in your own kitchen. You can make your s'mores completely different but equally delicious as the original by using flavored marshmallows in lieu of plain ones.

Add Some Cookie Dough

You may have thought that adding something extra to your traditional s'mores recipe would sully the experience, but incorporating a medley of new ingredients will only make your s'mores better. Take a look at recipes that call for an addition of cookie dough to amplify the flavor. Who would have thought about sticking cookie dough into your s'mores?

Dip 'Em In Bailey's

Okay, sometimes you need a weekend away with the girls far away from work stress, the kids, and your cell phone. Nothing makes s'mores more adult than dipping your marshmallows in some Bailey's liqueur. Once you've toasted your marshmallows to your desired crispiness, dip them into some Bailey's for an alcoholic twist. Don't get too adventurous with the kinds of alcohol you use, though, as Bailey's is the perfect liqueur to sit atop your marshmallows without soaking into them and turning them into something a little too boozy.

graham crackers next to a pan filled with marshmallows and chocolate

Replace Your Crackers

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to replace graham crackers in s'mores? There are lots of unique recipes out there that make your s'mores wonderfully different, including this one that suggests replacing your crackers with biscuits. When you lace your biscuits with chocolate and make a sturdier sandwich of the ingredients you're left with s'mores that are way bigger with a fun spin to them. You can also use various cookies like Ritz crackers or Oreos to replace graham crackers.

Swap Chocolate For Peanut Butter

Gobbling s'mores may transport you back in time to your childhood camping trips, but peanut butter is another one of those foods that bring us back to the good days of childhood. No one likes the words "replace chocolate," but try doing exactly that with peanut butter or even Reece's cups. Stick some peanut butter in between your crackers and marshmallows for a gooey take on this campfire treat.

Stuff With Fruit

Even if you're hoping to make your s'mores into something different, you don't need to toss out the old ways of doing things. Keep your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, but add in a few extra things with this recipe that calls for strawberries and bananas. Fruit and chocolate already go well together on their own, so combining everything together into one sandwich isn't a snack that will steer your wrong.

s'mores with peanut butter in them

Escape the city this summer and relax in the wilderness with those closest to you and the snacks that made your childhood! Upgrade your s'mores for a modern twist on your favorite treat that you can share with everyone at the campsite.

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