Baklava is a deliciously sweet dessert, but not everybody knows what exactly goes into making baklava or how it tastes. Many different countries, ranging from Greece to the Middle East, claim they invented baklava. The dessert as we know it today was perfected by the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century, with influence from the Mediterranean, Balkans and Armenian regions. Read below to learn more about baklava and how to make it at home.

What Exactly Is Baklava?

fresh baklava on a plate

Baklava is a rich, sweet pastry made with layers of phyllo dough. The dough is filled with a variety of chopped nuts, including walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Sweet syrup or honey is drizzled over the dessert for a final touch. Baklava is possibly one of the sweetest desserts you will ever taste because it is full of butter and sugar.

How To Make Delicious Baklava

Classic Baklava

baklava with pistachios on a plate

This recipe for a simple baklava uses the classic pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts for a delicious and nutty taste. The nuts' crunchy texture complements the buttery texture of the dough and the orange extract also adds a touch of citrus to the drizzle, making this a dessert layered with flavor.

Feta, Spinach And Pine Nut Baklava

If you want a baklava to serve as an appetizer rather than a dessert, this baklava uses pine nuts, feta cheese and spinach to create a flavorful snack-sized treat. The garlic and onion complement the buttery pastry to make this an ideal finger food.

Baklava Pie

flaky baklava pie in a take out container

Can't get enough of these tiny desserts? Try making an entire baklava pie. The allspice helps bring out the flavors of the various nuts. The pie delivers a nice crunch that is sure to fill you up with buttery goodness.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Baklava

Would it be a dessert without chocolate? A standard baklava recipe combined with semi-sweet chocolate chips and cardamom and topped with hot syrup makes for an incredibly sweet and flavorful treat to serve after a large meal.

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