Are you tired of serving dry burgers at every barbecue? Do you wanna up your grill game this summer? If so, this trick is gonna blow your mind. It's easy and doesn't require any culinary expertise. All you need is an ice cube. MasterChef judge Graham Elliot explained to Fox News that all you have to do it place an ice cube in the middle of your burger patty, fold the meat around it, and throw it on the grill. As the burger cooks, the ice cube melts and distributes moisture throughout the patty. For a more flavorful burger, use a frozen stock cube instead of a plain ice cube! Do this by freezing vegetable, beef, or chicken stock in an ice cube tray. Simple, right?

burgers on a grill

Tips for Grilled the Best Burger

Everyone has there tricks for serving up the perfect burger. Here are a couple of the most commonly used hacks.

Don't Under Season It

Sprinkling salt on formed patties isn't enough. Place the meat in a bowl, break it up with your hands, and sprinkle it with salt. It is recommended that you use 1 teaspoon of salt for 1 1/2 pounds of beef.

Give it a Rest

It's tempting to bite into your burger the moment it's done but let it rest for about 5 minutes after taking it off the grill. This allows for the juices to redistribute. The wait will be difficult but it's worth it.

Don't Get Heavy Handed with the Spatula

You've probably heard that pressing down on the burger patty will cook it faster, but all that does it press out all of the precious juices. In addition to this, pressing down on the burger will most likely cause it to stick making flipping difficult.

Use A Dollop Of Butter

Similar to the ice cube trick, add a tablespoon of butter in the middle of your burger patties to increase the moisture and flavor.

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