Summertime may not seem like prime soup season but, with our unforgettable roundup of cold soup favorites, that's all about to change. From classic gazpacho to chilled cucumber, we've totally got you covered. Read on for the best seasonally-appropriate soups the internet has to offer. Jackpot!

Authentic Spanish Gazpacho

flat lay of bowl of gazpacho on wooden background

The king of cold soups, gazpacho is a surefire way to up your soup game. This recipe is a classic take, made with perfectly ripe summertime tomatoes. Crusty bread adds some texture, while a heavy seasoning hand provides zest. We recommend serving in small glasses for a cute grab-and-go appetizer!

Cool Cantaloupe Soup

sliced cantaloupe on plate

Basil cream adds some much-needed fat to this fruity chilled soup, while lemon juice and zest provide a hit of acidity. But you'll never guess the secret ingredient...champagne! The chef even suggests serving this stunner in fun champagne flutes or Pilsner glasses. Cheers!

Chilled Cucumber Soup

cucumber soup served in mugs

Nothing says summer quite like a refreshingly cold cucumber soup. This recipe gets extra points for creaminess and protein from Greek yogurt and a boost from herby dill. It's guaranteed to be on repeat all season long. We like serving this as a break from a traditional salad course.

Chilled Summer Soup

yellow soup with spoon on wooden table

This vegan soup is a total crowd pleaser. It consists of summertime winners like sweet corn, yellow bell peppers, and sun gold tomatoes. Depending on the produce, the color of this soup can vary between amber, maize, saffron, or pale yellow. Any way you look at it, it's delicious. Plus, the soup topped with a crunchy cucumber salad with a hint of acid to balance it out. It's a cool, cool, cool summer.

Watermelon Gazpacho

watermelon in small bowls

We've already covered classic Spanish-style gazpacho, so why not punch it up a notch with this watermelon version?! You'll love the sweet melon paired with garden fresh herbs like cilantro and mint. It's even an easy no cooking required recipe, which makes you the ultimate soup boss. We like to serve this as an unexpected appetizer.

Chilled Carrot Soup with Cumin + Lime

carrot soup and fresh carrots on wooden background

Mexican flavors like cilantro, lime, and cumin liven up this simple and sweet chilled carrot soup. Even leeks make an appearance. Add some necessary tang and creaminess with a sour cream topper. Veteran move!

Classic Vichyssoise Soup

dutch oven filled with potato soup

Vichyssoise is a classic French soup comprised of leeks, onions, potatoes, chicken broth, and cream. It hits all the right notes of a comfort food, while its chilly temperature makes it a summer standout. An unexpected pinch of nutmeg and fresh chives as garnishes take this soup to the next level. Bottoms up!

Pea + Mint Chilled Soup

pea and mint soup in white bowl

Pea soup offers a vibrant and verdant note to our list of ultimate summer soups. Sautéed shallots add an awesome allium flavor to this British-inspired dish. Mint provides a fresh burst of plant power. And, with just six total ingredients, this soup is truly easy peas-y!

Cold Peach Soup

cold peach soup

We wrap up our stunning list of chilled soups with an unexpected addition, a cold peach option. Paired with carrot, peaches delight the senses in this summer sensation. Greek yogurt balances it out with some tang, while toasted almonds provide necessary crunch on top. Win-Win-Win.

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