Ever feel like ordering a ton of food at McDonald's but felt a pang of shame when you walked up to the cashier? Well, feel shame no longer.

McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook told CNBC that 1,000 stores in the U.S. will be upgrading their stores by adding in self-serve kiosks over the next two years. Easterbrook explained that the company has noticed people who use the kiosks tend to purchase many more items than if they go up to a cash register.

a mcdonald's self serve kiosk

While traditional methods of ordering food were the in-store cash register and drive-thru, McDonald's is looking to expand their options for service.

"We're introducing many options. They can order through mobile, they can come curbside and we'll run it out as well as the existing traditional ways." Easterbrook told CNBC.

Kiosks allow people a level of freedom of browsing through the whole menu at their own pace and see items and costs up close, rather than staring up at the menu behind the counter or worrying about holding up a line in the cash register or drive-thru. With the increasing number of people who pay with debit or credit cards, kiosks become a quick, viable option for restaurants.

a mcdelivery bike

While Australia, Canada, and the U.K. have been highly successful in implementing self-serve kiosks, the U.S. is a little behind in getting these devices installed widespread. Easterbrook hopes to rectify this problem in the coming quarters.

On top of that, McDonald's is looking to expand their services by incorporating delivery into their American game. They've previously introduced delivery into their market in Asia, and the results have been noticeable, accounting for 10 percent of sales. Along with UberEats incorporating delivering McDonald's in places such as Canada, McDonald's is doing everything they can to make sure people can get their fix in the easiest and most comfortable ways possible.

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